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Pirate coach denying Sundente – JacksonOn Sundays, cheap nfl Jerseys from china officially reported that Tampa Bay pirates tried to sell Vincent Jackson’s news, and inspirators revealed that pirates were selling Jackson from other teams through the phone. Local time Monday, Pirate coach Lovid Smith denied this rumor. He insisted that Jackson will continue to stay in the team, pirates need him to lead the team as a leader.

Forefront Run Weighing Ridge – Williams Say Board of DrugsFormer Hayman Award winner, the Williams (Ricky Williams) has been banned during the player’s career, and is banned because of drug detection, and eventually destroyed their careers. But now, Williams has bid farewell to the marijuana that he once inventory.

Former Sea Eagle Horn, Shaquill Griffin will sign a contract for three years and the contract salary is $ 44.5 million, including $ 29 million security. In addition, the American tiger will also sign a $ 7.25 million contract with the former Black Panther’s near-end Tris Manchz (MANHERTZ), of which 4.25 million is guaranteed. The addition of their lions and Lions, Marvin Jones, Jones’s contracts for two years, with a total salary of $ 14.5 million, of which is $ 9.2 million is a full guarantee.

The giant and defensive end Leonard Williams will sign a $ 63 million contract for 3 years, including $ 45 million security, $ 22.5 million signing bonuses. Williams showed excellent performance last season, completed 11.5 times, 14 times, causing a hug of lost code, 30 quarters impact.

Although the data is bright, Taylor’s performance is not impeccable. In the three years, Taylor once lost 18 times. When I was asked this question on Thursday, the team running Gutrism Tom Rathman said he does not think this will be a problem.

Former Lightning Quarter, Tyrod Taylor, will sign a contract with Texas for one year, and the contract salary is up to $ 12.5 million. Texas will also sign a Terrance Mitchell, a Terrance Mitchell, and a contract salary up to $ 7.5 million.

To January next year, Jackson is about 32 years old, and he will occupy a $ 1.2.2 million share in the salary cap. When he became a pass target this season, the relevant four-point guards were only 58.9 points, which also embodied the team and his own troubles. Although the head coach Smith believes that Jackson will not leave, the media still believes that even if the team does not take the initiative to sell his intentions, the high-level will be willing to listen to other team quotes.

Last season Hendriksen completed 13.5 times, 25 four-point guard, 53 times to the quarter-saving, 37 forced four-dimensional quick shot. In the two regular sessions of the Saint Win the Pirate, Hendriksen completed 3 killing.

Pittsburgh steelman won the first victory of this season last Monday, under the leader of Antonio-Brown and “Pig” lead, the steel man’s pass attack is playing, but The defensive end relies on Bad-Du Puri once a 10-yard copy of the CD to help the steel person to stabilize the military. At present, 1 win 1 flat and 1 negative steel man and Brown record are the same, ranking third.

Baltimore Crow, last week, 27-14, 27-14, easily defeated Danfo Yam. Once the super bowl MVP Joe – Fragra was stable this season, and I won 277 yards and 1 time I met. Under his leader, the crow offensive group flowers, although there is no big name, but the lineup is very practical. At present, 2 wins and 1 negative rankings.

Williams said in an interview with “Today’s American Sports” report that because they are no longer a professional player, they will not suffer from pain and stress, and now they are no longer needed to use marijuana to paralyze themselves. He said: “No matter where I have to provide marijuana to me, I will tell them & lsquo; I am sorry, I don’t have marriage now. & Rsquo; after the finish, they are very disappointed.”

Since this season, the pirate is only winning 1 game, and their total scheduling is less than the league. Smith believes that the team is making the foundation for the future, and cannot be eager to seek blindly pursuit. Jackson is the largest star in the pirate offensive group, and he is a well-deserved leader under the game.

In addition to the trial of Brlare, the giant also tried to run Gould Jones, Felix Jones, the current giant’s main running Weidra-Jennings, Jennings, was running on the Trip, Wei Adrus Williams is flat.

Ratman said: “We talked about this, discussing the four-point holding method, how to get the ball correctly. I think that the mission is the foundation of the game. He also improves this at this point. By watching video, he will Understand this, you also understand that our requirements for the ball, and the importance of this. I don’t think this will be a big problem, and he will correct it through the daily basis exercises. “

Tarier Pleier is in contact with the giant Terrelle Pryor, who is a free player, has been in contact with the New York Giants on Tuesday. Due to the excellent physical quality of Pleier’s passage, many people believe that Pleier will change the other positions such as picking up, but Pleier said that she did not fight, this time in the giant team The trial is also entirely based on quadruplicate identity.

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