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Planning to enhance training lineup is expected to begin on August 26, US Time, and the team’s lineup will be required to reduce 75 people Cheap Jerseys From China 90. Before August 30, based on the reduction of 75 people, each team will be required to control the number of people at 53 people. After that, every team can sign a team of players from August 31.

However, the future is bright for Karl, who encounters a tandem fracture in less than two months ago. When participating in the NFL official website, Carl’s teammates, Donald Penn offers the latest news.

Gordon said after Sunday training: “I am really a little bit, because of this level. But I heard someone to say, after training, I will go low-level playing, we will not fatigue, this is very expected. “

Drake Carl’s brother, now served as the NFL official website guest David Carr, also participated in the show and said: “I told you that he is 100% recovery but you don’t believe me, you have to ask Donald. He will be great. He is very good. Have started walking, exercise. He will not do anything for the bones, but he will return. He will have a complete training period training, that is the best part.”

NFL allows training lineup to increase to 10 peopleThere will be many working opportunities to appear in NFL. According to ESPN, this season, each team’s training lineup will be allowed to expand to 10 players, which is once again improved since 2013 is raised to 8 players.

Dolphins and near-end Edge Devane – Allen two yearsBeijing March 10, US Time Saturday, according to NFL NetWork reporter Ian Rapoport, dolphins have been close to the front of the patriot, Dwayne Allen. The two-year contract is agreed. The contract salary is 7 million US dollars.

Mustang running Melwen – Gordon is adapting to the high altitude of DenverRecently, Jojvin Gordon, Melvin Gordon, has been a lightning effectiveness, and after changing the East, he found a huge difference: about 1600 meters of altitude.

According to reporters, about 12 teams already showed the meaning of attracting Watt. STEFON DIGGS is also trying to draw Watt in PTE. Packaging workers are intended to be interested in Watt, and they have entered the national contest in the past two years, and Watt’s joining can make the defensive frontline to come to the next level. In addition, Watt is also the local people of Wisconsin, and looks great from the small game.

Gordon signed a year with the wild horse in a two-year contract with the wild horse this year. He said: “The air is very dry, I have to drink water every moment, otherwise the lip will do. This is also a big difference, I will take the whole The season is working out, but because of the altitude, it is not the best. “

However, the salary will be a problem with the packaging worker, after the restructuring of David Bakhtiari, David Bakhtiari, the packaging works out of $ 8.3 million in salary space. But if you want to sign a witch, they have to make more adjustments. Although Watt will be 32 years old, there is still enough strength to require a high price contract.

Considering that there is a report at the end of December, if the raid person enters the super bowl, Karl is small, so this news is not surprised. But the raid will definitely be very satisfied. Last Saida passed the 3937 yards 28 times to 6 passes, the passenger passed, led the raid to achieve 12 wins and 3 loss records. His shoulders will have a very high expectation next season.

This Ohio-powered young coach also said that he did not have contact with the Cleveland Brown team. McDanier will work at least a season in the patriot. After the next season, it is the two years after he gives up the Pony coach, it may add other teams to him. Or he can choose to wait for Bill Belichick to take over the patriot.

According to ESPN messages, McDaniel has had a chance to come to Cincinnati, but he is refused by him. He promised to take over the Indianapolis horses last year, but after the patriot super bowl lost, he chose to stay for one year. When the reporter asked whether the matter affects his current candidate qualification, he replied: “I don’t know, you have to ask them, I am very grateful to my own opportunity, of course, I have existing my own The opportunity is more cherished. I have said before, I think I have the best work in the world. I cherish this week to continue to play with lightning. & Quot;

Patriots Offense Coordinator Josh McDaniel, announced the resortBeijing January 9th, the Patriot Attack Coordinator Josh McDaniels, in the last week and the Green Bay packaging worked on the main coach, the latter announced the employment of Titan Attack Coordinator Matter yesterday. – Lafleur is the team coach.

McDaniel is asked if the reporter was asked if he would continue to interview other coach positions: “This matter has passed, it is always a chance to interview with any team. People feel the humble experience. “

“I am very grateful to the package to give me this opportunity. This interview experience will make you clearer to see how other teams are managed. This is a profit of learning experience. Now I only forward Look, put all the efforts on the next lightning game. “

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