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Hawks, Crow intention to sign up to take over Antonio – BrownLast season, Antonio Brown had only played a game, followed by a series of off-site problems. Despite this, Brown demonstrated talent and capabilities over the past few years, let him still have the possibility of striving for the second opportunity.

Brown has a lot of trouble, there is a lot of trouble, and the team with interested signed a contract must be very good. Currently Crow’s external handlers include Brown, Miles Boykin and Willie Snead. The Hawk holds Tayler Lockett, D.K. Metcalf (D. Metcalf) and Phillip Dorsett. If the duplication application passes, Josh Gordon may also join the Hawks.

Capenik’s poor 49 people were reversed by the bear teamAt 8:30 in Beijing, 49 people in San Francisco met the Chicago bear. The two teams are in the defenders, and this game dedicated a wonderful defense war for the audience. In the end, the bear team over 49 people at 28:20.

After watching Harris on Wednesday, the coach plus Kubiak believes that his status is getting better. “I think he has poor performance at the time,” Kubik talks to Harris in the performance of the game. “I think he is more confident in this week compared with last week.”

The opening of the bear team is unfavorable, and the fourth archive is discarded by Aaron Lynch, which is 49 people ‘s defensive group. 49 people quadrotae Kaepernick 2 short pass, finally bought by Michael Crabtree by Michael crabtree. After that, the bear team could not organize a decent offense, and the 49 people in the other hand is not high at attack, but it is good enough to be patient, and 14th attack advances 72 yards, and finally score. After entering the second quarter, both parties alternate mistakes & mdash; & mdash; copy, drop the ball, and fall back. Finally, the bear controls the ball to the first 2 yards of its end area, and choose to abandon the kick. 49 People’s team attack Bruce – Ellington ball promoted 19 yards, then Capeni was on the game, passing the ball, DEREK Carrier, stabilizing and holding the ball Promote 22 yards, then the star runs to Frank Gore, the 8 yards of the Frank Gore run. In the last half of the first half, the bear team has been attacking, not because it has been a first attack, but because both parties are in foul, the referee has got a great sense of existence in this game. Finally, when I was 15 seconds in the first half, the Bear’s four-point Guarda passed Brandon Marshall, Marshall karaoke. After Dale, the bear team also played a gambling kick, but unfortunately, the gambling failed, there was no time left, no tragedy.

Baker is 30 years old, and it is not satisfactory in the last season. He fought 15 games in pirates, just completed 33 cuddles. The 3 year of $ 1.5.75 million contracts he signed is not much consistent.

According to wholesale nfl jerseys NETWORK reporter Ian Rapoport, the original Tanpawan pirate defensive cut Chris Baker has signed a contract with Cincinnati, and the salary is unknown, but will be in three $ 100 million.

According to the Tampa Bay Media, some pirate players believe that when Baker is a great advantage of the black panther because of the early manual foul, his smile is not suitable. Baker also questioned whether it can be compatible with pirate defensive system at the beginning of the season.

The second half of the referee continues to perform. 49 people all the way to the bear red area, at this time, the bear team showed an abnormally tough defense, and 49 people helpless only shot. The bear team offensive all the way, until the fourth quarter was attacked in 49 people, Carter was again found Marshall again, passing to the ball. Karenik is played by Kyle Fuller, and is attacked to 49 people in the Red Area, Carterler passes Martellus – this Nettell, will score Reverse. Cape Nick was played again, first was killed, and then was taken by the F Wah, “Gold Boy” is estimated to be gold plated, and the gold plated in the first half will take it. The other side Carterler is getting more and more brave, and a few times will be advanced, and finally it is passed on to Marshall. When the 49 person offensive group returned to the field again, Capeni seems to have been smashed. I don’t know how to pass on the protective net, and I have been killed, so I have enough running ability, I can rush First attack. However, this kind of attack and routine can only play the wind in the university level, everyone does not eat this set in the NFL league, the last pass challenges the array of array, the bear team puts the Victory formation Finals .

John Elway, General Manager of Denver, said to ESPN because Harris will decide whether to play before the game. But NFL official website reporter Ian Rapoport reported that Harris may still appear even if the coach is not sure that he can play.

The reporter reported that: “The teams are doing sniffing. Antonio Brown and Haiying Subject 2 points Guino – Smith (Geno Smith) has training together, Seattle is also interested in signed him. The crow has Brown True Human MARQUISE BROWN, they have also tested before. “

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