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However, James’s winning experience is not by Charles, James has entered the finals in the finals in the past five years, and won the championship twice. The chief of Charles won the superblose in 1969, and the last playoffs experience was the painful memories of Andrew Luck.

“He’s here for a reason,” offensive coordinator Todd – Harry (Todd Haley) said on Thursday. “We are very excited that he can finally return. I know he is very excited to be able to get out, but he had to complete the training this week, which was decided by the coach or the weekend.”

The same far-reaching thing, it is relatively weak eagle ground offensive. Le Xiaoen – two consecutive McCoy rushed the ball less than 80 yards rushing last season were only 3.7 yards. Perhaps too small a sample two games, but the league’s top front retaining Ivan – influence Mathis absence of really big. Chip – although many changes Kelly’s offense, but the ground offensive is the cornerstone of lies. Once the ground advance is limited, you need to fly an eagle marked with a big question mark.

In an interview, such as saying: “Sometimes I feel like it is a football world, because I am very comprehensive, there is quite a lot in the offensive,” Charles is one of the most comprehensive runners of the alliance, his The total number of battles in the ball in the past six seasons in the past 6 times, the top 10, he is a killing of the game in the Vanterxi game.

Seattle Eagle’s head coach PT Carroll has recently spoke, this Haiying’s head of head is in the US Time. Tell the world to tell the world, he knows the value of this pair of shoes, written Road: “Have to say, this pair of shoes is great creation.”

Central Florida University Armline Weirifen is invited to participate in physical measurement campShaquem Griffin fully utilizes the last week’s old bowls to show their own opportunities, and now the central Florida University has once again got opportunities: this year’s physical measurement camp.

Green left the San Diego Chargers in March this year to four-year $ 20 million contract to join the Steelers. But offseason ankle surgery kept him out of training camp. In effect during lightning has suffered a concussion, he also occasionally been troubled by headaches.

Jamar Charles will compare yourself to the little emperor JamesKansas City Chief Run Giamal Charles has been one of the most underestimated running guards for many years. He can rush out of 1000 yards every year in the past five in the past, almost nearly near The only offensive weapon that can rely on the year of the year, but unfortunately never got a swimming code king, it is always popular by Adrian Peterson, Le Shien McCoy and German Maco Murray is high. However, Charles is quite confident on his own strength. He has compared himself to LeBron James in the NFL field in a recent training camp.

In fact, Carol has always been a shoe appreciation master. In May of this year, he once joked his own sea eagle training shoes. “Our trainers want me to wear new shoes, I should call it” Air Paaternos ” “?”

Sea Eagle main coach Carol Shengwu’s new shoesStephen Curry’s new signature shoes have been ill, because the signature on the shoes is “Chief”, so a large number of netizens have made a variety of funny comments.

Steelers tight end Green left the injured list or play the next gamePittsburgh Steelers may usher in a timely offensive player of the game against the Dallas Cowboys back in the next game. They activated cheap jerseys from china tight end Cornelius Rada could not play because of injury list – Green (Ladarius Green).

Grrifen is one of the most inspirational players in college football over the past 2 years. Because of congenital malformation, his left hand is amputated at the age of 4. However, he overcome obstacles during the university, and 2 degrees selected for the US Competitive League (AAC) the best lineup. The ball probe is Griffin to become a core special group player in NFL and can grow into a weak side guard or strong. During the university, he also served as a hunt, but his NFL was not enough to play this role.

If this trend continues, then you are looking at this review might no longer exist. Eagles atypical atypical pony, but it still is a typical NFL game, because it has another theme: the reversal. Especially good at reversing the pony she was staged this season has been achieved reverse play of the Eagles comeback.

The second turning point was Sproles outbreak. He last paragraph of the third quarter to tie the game with a wonderful red ball touchdowns, the last paragraph of the fourth quarter he once again brave the ball forward and laid a solid foundation for the team score. Running back, wide receiver, return man, Sproles on all fronts to make pony difficult to deal with, and this person Chip – Kelly this system really is a natural fit.

In today’s NFL, there are two major issues related to the “Eagle”: how to break the Seahawks defense? How to limit the Eagles offense? And this week’s game, it seems that these two issues have a bit of an answer. Lightning efficient use of the ground offensive, balanced pass run ratio, the perfect time to beat the Seahawks control; pony run the ball the same resorted to this weapon, almost overturned eagle. Perhaps the killer new tactics in a way is the traditional thinking.

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