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The details of the contract are as follows: 10 million US dollars award awards and 15 million US dollars (full protection); in addition, up to $ 22.5 million bonus, with quarter-branch ratings, reached the number of passes, pass the number, pass the ball The success rate and the average number of passes will enter the number of codes into the league; up to $ 22,500 bonus each year, with whether to enter the playoffs, the number of seasons and the number of appearances and the superb bowl and the play time are hooked. Therefore, Blandi can get up to $ 59 million.

Last week, the six-game emirate finally got a long-lost victory, and the other dead enemy Auckland raid in the same district was overcome with 26-15. The same district war this week and lightning will be able to determine the fate of the two teams this season. Although the chief has achieved 7 consecutive victories in the face of lightning, the seasons will give this game more points. In the third week of regular season, the chief was gathered under the leadership of the rookie run Wei Kurim Hunter. Although in the losses, the quartz-Swan Alevracy-Smith is struggling, but he is still the second quarter of the League of the League, the SMG, who is going to be brave last week, will not lead the chief again to advance the season. The next game?

Kretton’s ESPN radio program in Seattle will still be broadcast normally because local ESPN Broadcasting companies are not all eSPN. However, Kretton will no longer appear on the ESPN TV station and website.

[Preview] The 15th week of Saturday night lightning @ 长Since the NCAA season is coming, the annual NFL regular season will be able to arrange a separate Saturday night game in order to fill the gap on Saturday night. The first Saturday, the first Saturday, the first Saturday night will be carried out in the Menian West District, and the two sides of the Arrace are Los Angeles Lightning and Kansas City chiefs, and this game will also be a key game for the Menliansea playoffs. Highly opened the chief and low-speed lightning, who can grab a chance to grab the seat in the US seasons?

“Of course, I hope to continue playing. I have signed for four years. If I have not been able to get the opportunity to continue, the experience in the crow is also precious. When the move forward, I will forward it forward. Look at me, I have to retreat or go to other places to continue playing. “

ESPN has been cut off about 100 employees, except for Kretton, the faces familiar with NFL fans are also familiar with Adam Caplan, Andrew Brandt, Trent Trent Dilfer, Ed Werder, Britt McHenry, Ashley Fox (Ashley Fox) and Paul – Kurski (Paul Kuharsky) ).

Crows Safety Wei Del wants to continue playing Before, the crow Safety Wei Rick Vedel has said that if the team chooses to renew with himself, then he is likely to hang a boots. However, in the professional bowl training site on Wednesday, Wadere changed the idea and did not deny the possibility of adding other teams.

“Excited, modest, keep your desire, if you ask me to learn from football, then no one will care about you last year or the achievements in the previous year … Through your own efforts, you can win all your side. People’s trust and respect. I am about to start a new journey, thank you for giving me this opportunity, so I can do my own things. I am looking forward to meeting my new coach, teammates meet, and prove that I demonstrate my trust. I have always believed that I have proved that it is not said to talk about it, so I won’t say too much, because I am ready to continue! “

After winning Washington, Washington was overweight last week, Los Angeles lightning has quietly achieved 4 consecutive victories. I don’t know that the record has come to 7 wins and 6 losses. I know that the lightning of this season is 0 wins and 4 negative openings. Entering December Lightning Quarter Wei “Da River” Philip-Rivers State God, this season has passed 3611 yards, becoming the third of NFL history to pass at least 3500 yards in 10 consecutive seasonings. As the favorite ball weapon of the Dahe, Kashin-Allen has also played extremely excellent in the season, wholesale Jerseys got the most 83 battles and 1143 yards. Under the leadership of “Mr. December” Rivers, can the lightning go later? 1

Norv Turner said: “I didn’t see his state decline from the performance of the training camp. His outbreak is still good, and it can still break through the running ball, we all Looking forward to his performance on the field. “

This injury is caused by the third section of the game of the Dragons Chief, which was last Saturday. At that time, when Watt was injured, it was returned, and after returning, only one shock was left again.

According to reports, pirates provide a contract for a two-year total price of 50 million US dollars. The contract is all guaranteed, and each year includes up to $ 4.5 million in bonuses and non-tradable and non-use privileged tag clauses.

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