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30-year-old Glennong has made the outside world well. He joined the fifth team in 5 years. In the rookie season Glenn, a 13 game, but later, it decreased all the way. His bad movement capabilities and passing stars lead to a lot of mistakes. His last first was the play of Chicago in 2017, but then was replaced by Mitchell Trubisky at the time. In his recent start, Glennon 4 mistakes caused the ball to convert & mdash; & mdash; 2 times dropped, 2 passes were copied.

Although New Sorom answered for all free players, Manove looks high. Previously, the crow was first in Jeremy Zuttah, was traded to 49 people in San Francisco, and they urgently need to fill the position vacancy. There is also a good store in the free market, but read this post from www.lake-metigoshe.com week’s Ran has just left John Sullivan.

Masis encountered the brain in the seventh week, in the game of Mingnesota, but did not diagnose until a week. He felt the symptoms of brain injury after the last Thursday after the game, followed by the eighth week of the London, the London, the London.

Luton selected the sixth round of this year, during the effectiveness of the Oregon State University, he played beautiful data, but in the face of pressure, it was poor. The American tiger may choose to observe his ability to have a typical figure. According to reports, Luton’s performance has been impressed with the American tiger.

Green Bay Package has advanced to the playoffs for the 8th season, and the new England patriots have been successfully entered into the playoffs. However, the package is not a smooth water, although a wave of 6 consecutive victories at the end of the regular season also allowed them to take the last bus of the National Fame season. Packaging workers quartz Wei Alon – Rogers raised 40 passes reached this season, and became the fourth player who came out of the NFL history from at least 40 games. In the 6-year-old victory in the second half of the season, Rogers came out of 15 passes, no copy, the passed score was as high as 121.0, as if the fans saw the omnivalent of Rogers, this time Can he lead the package of sniper giants?

Glennong and Luton’s arm strength is stronger than in repair. The outside world is generally believed that the arm strength is more suitable for the system of Jay Gruden (Jay Gruden). But the mobile capabilities of the two must be inferior to Ming Xiu, and the Best’s bad offensive front line may make this a problem.

The last outer cassette will be conducted between the family of the country of the National United King season, although the package is still leading the New York giant with a total of 32 wins and 26 losses, but the two teams have passed twice In the playoffs, the packaging workers successfully guaranteed the giants to enter the super bowl (2007, 2011), and the giant did not expect the patriot to win the two super bowls from the patriot. The eighth champion of the two teams playoffs, can the Giant continue this curse in the Blue Burgball, next Monday, ready to look early.

New York Giants have not promoted the playoffs after winning the super bowl in the 2011 season. This season is promoted to the playoffs in the 2nd seed of the country, this season, this time I can take a super bowl? The giant quartzwood, who has achieved 8 wins and 1 loss in his past 9 playoffs, and he got a full victory while in the face of packaging work, he also got history many times in history. The most valuable players in the super bowl are one of the five players. Can this “three brothers” can continue the giant super bowl of magic? Perhaps this will become the most exciting game of the outer card.

When Masis came back from the UK, he received a separate neurologist and entered the alliance’s brain shock inspection process. As of Friday & Mdash; & mdash; almost he was hit by the brain shock three weeks later & mdash; & mdash; he did not pass the inspection. This is the injury of his career for the first time in the brain.

Dolphin signed Carterle means he will be with the former Chicago kings offensive coordinator, and the dolphins are handsome – Gates (Adam Gase). In the only season of their work, Carterre has a recovery and has a very close relationship with Gain. Previously, some familiar people said that the knee injury in Ryan Tannehill may need to be subject to Surgical treatment.

Although Tamnezil has not decided whether there is surgery, the dolphins signed Carterler may show the current attitude of the team. Dolphins rely on Tannesier and Matt Moore, they think that existing lineup is enough to make them victory.

Carterler does not ensure success in dolphins. He only played 5 games last season, and the success rate of passing the ball was only 59.1%, and the 5 times of 5 times were copied. On the one hand, there are many excellent players in the dolphin offensive group, including Jarvis Landry and Kenny Stills.

Carterler seems to be satisfied with the life after retiring, and he once and the Chicago media said this is “permanent” retirement. However, he also left behind himself. In Fox Sports he joined the existing two-person explanatory combination. This means that if he is attracted back to NFL, he can easily leave the tacit understanding between the synergies of the explanation.

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