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The first injury in Griffin II was in December 2012, happened to the competition against crows. At that time, Haloti Ngata hit Griffin, causing Griffin part to tear. Griffin was later hurt in the playoffs and hurt the front intersection of the same side of the knees.

In the past three years, Falcon has gradually created one of the strongest offensive front lines in the league. They were selected in 2014, Jake Matthews, who used five years in this year’s snapshots for 5 years, the first 2 years of contract is signed before Cleveland Brown Central Alex – Mike (Alex Mack). The result of this is the top five of the Falcon’s upstream and the offensive group.

At present, the top three of the Tiger Team has been locked, respectively, AJ-Green (AJGREEN), Marvin Jones and Mohamed Sanu, in addition to near Thaler – Epht (Tyler Eifert) and Run Giovani – Giovani Bernard will also be an important gathering point.

As a superb bowl hero, Holmes has been in please click the next page end of the torrential injury, and the personality is too calm, and the appearance of the situation has caused the situation. After the end of the 2013 season, Holmes joined the Chicago bear team after the New York jet, and only the 97 yards of the 67 yards were taken in a season. 28-year-old David-Nilsen played in the jet last season, and only 8 battles were 65 yards. He publicly accused the NFL team to ignore his own, he believes that many NFLs have caused many NFLs due to excessive investment in the charity. The team mistakenly thought that his own mind is not on the court, which makes him angry. Greg-Little is playing a tiger last season, and there is only 6 battles.

In the process of launching a short pass, he was driven from the Baker Baker. In the next cowboy, changed to Jordan Phillips to take the ball from Elliott. These two ball translations ended in the end of the Red Pith.

Griffin II said: “When I choose a rush, I will do more smarter. I will choose slippery, or run the boundary, but if the situation allows me to catch 70 yards, I will Rushing 70 yards. This is what I learned in these years, I am also very happy (can join the crow). “

Davis in 2014, Davis has encountered a downturn in career. 29 buses pushed 245 yards, only 2 Dalsets, 2015 season in San Francisco and Denver, 38 games 395 yards 0 to 0 reachaes, in the super bowl Daiwiis completed a ball.

Atlantian big hunter released a new jersey design in advance

Update: The Falcon officially released a new jersey design in advance. The ball is color to black, and the passenger is mainly white. The helmet design has also been changed, and it is changed to bright black paint with silver mask.

Falcon announced that they have renewied with Ryan Schraeder for 5 years. This contract is $ 33 million, including $ 32 million in basic salary, with $ 1.5 million in the first three years, including $ 1.25 million security income.

Falcon Board Arthur Blank said: “This is the first change design in 17 years, it is very important to me, because I didn’t realize that I have been so long. But I remember to buy the ball. When the team, I did a few years later, I changed the design. I hope that the new design can make the fans feel, experience & mdash; & mdash; it is best to wear & mdash; & mdash; more modern clothing, the best Let the fans feel some talents. “

Griffin II will use slippery to protect yourself

Robert Griffin III’s injury history also starts from the 2012 rookie season, after tearing two knee ligaments, he later encountered an ankle, brain shock and left shoulder fracture. Many injuries restricted him, causing him to play 34 games in the 2014-2016 season.

Elliott said: “I don’t think it can be used (Dak Prescott) to be used as an excuse. I will repeat it over and over again: I opened the ball twice. Your mistakes are given to the opponent’s right, and they also encouraged them. I would like to say that I am sorry, this losing responsibility is me, I need to become better. “

Vernon – Davis also wants to play another 4-5 years

The proximity Davis Vernon Davis has declined significantly in the performance of 49 people in San Francisco in the past few seasons, but Davis said he still wants to play another 4-5 years.

In 2013, Schledo, the United Answalpted the Alliance, was played in 52 games, including 40 games, before two seasons, cheap nfl jerseys from china his first game. The benefits of the Falcon’s reorganization offensive front line over the past four years are clear from their offensive group to help them in the National Liannan District.

The front super bowl MVP will go to the Tiger trial

According to NFL Media Rand Getlin, the most valuable players in the former super bowls Santonio Holmes will travel to Cincinnati Tiger on Thursday, with the peers. There are also two external handle-Greg Little and David Nelson (David Nelson). The Tiger has previously placed James Wright, James Wright, in the injury reserve, so it is necessary to supplement the depth of the outer hand.

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