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Early Early Early Efficacy in Detroit Lion Decoction Fernali has already proved that he can become a destructive player in the past two seasons. He will take the inside defensive front line with John Jenkins.

Stewart did not participate in Wednesday, three days ago, he was in the Black Panther’s ankle injured in the playoffs of Seattle Hawks. The Black Leopard coach Roen Rivera said to the reporter that the team expect Stewart to prepare to participate in the National World Championship. “We will let him return to the court slowly,” Rivira said.

This signing does not mean that the saints will never choose a defensive cutout in the election or introduce an old will in the free player market. Fernage is the best when the play is played, not the 60% defensive file.

Last month, Pony announced that Rock was absent from 2 to 6 weeks due to kidney injury and abdominal muscle injury. Although Rack determining no surgery, his injury is still a top problem that Xiao Ma has to face. Chuck Pagano said on Wednesday in local time: “Rack takes more time to recover, and the team is unable to provide specific, accurate return schedule.”

According to research, the Black Panther has been over 30 consecutive games (including the playoffs). This is the longest record since the Pittsburgh’s steel man in the 1974-1976 season, when the steelman had a stroke code in 37 consecutive games.

Pierll Paul’s amputation surgery was accepted on Wednesday. This decision was considered to speed up his recovery process. He also encountered a thumb fracture in a fireworks accident. The giant was later sent a trainer to visit him, but was rejected.

Relevant persons revealed that Lak is most likely to come back in mid-December, and he may choose to play in the game with Jacksonville’s American tiger or Houston Texas. At present, Xiao Ma will 6 wins and 5th, the head name of the United States, and the record is flat with Texas. It is worth mentioning that 40-year-old Hasselbeck will send 4 games in this season.

Manning believes this accident is “unlucky.” He said: “I don’t know the whole process of this accident, but you never want to see professional athletes injured, especially in the way that it is avoidable.”

At present, the jet is strong in the corner guard. Darrelle Revis will serve as Antonio Cromatie, Baste Skle (Buster Skle) will be replaced . Although the jet is willing to treat Milina in the most patience, he must learn to stay healthy and help the team at the field.

Fernage has a shortcoming as a defensive player in each gear, but he can impact his opponent quartz. When the season was used as a rotational player, he was evaluated as the sixth good ball of the defending front line player in the professional football. In the past five seasons, Fairley is an excellent pass shock every season.

“Obviously (Pierll Paul) is an important player,” Manning said on Friday. “He is an important force for the defensive end, so I hope that everything can be better and he can keep health, I hope he can continue to show a high level when playing.”

Lak tried to pass, called no pain

Andrew Luck is troubled by injuries this season, and two games have been lacking in two consecutive games. According to reports, this week, the Indianapolis pony will continue to arrange the old Matt Hasselbeck. On Wednesday, Lak said in an interview that it is no longer painful.

Stewart was absent cheap nfl jerseys from china the foot sprain before five weeks ago. In the face of the sea-seeking, he looks very healthy and performance is very good, and the 106 yards have been reached. Stewart is the only running guard in the past season.

The jet will be included in the injury reserve list.

The New York Jet announced the list of Torn Di-Milliner into the injury reserve. This decision also means that the first round of a new show will be at least 8 games before this season.

Milina’s injury is clearly affected by his career. He accepted his wrist surgery during college. Milina, only 23 years old, was only 16 times in the first two seasons in front of the career, and the 2014 season was even more than 13 games in the day.

Red rock line Wei Jones: do not care about awareness

When the cheap nfl Jerseys from China annual award voted, five people think that the red rock line Wei Dong Deller-Jones should be elected for the best defensive players. Although it was finally lost to Aaron Donald, Jones will continue to compete for this award. In this year’s players, Jones ranked twins.

The deadline for the privileged label player signed the long-term contract is July 15th, Pierre Paul and the giant will not renew the contract before this day. Until he recovered healthy, he would not signed a privileged label contract worth $ 14.8 million.

Jones said: “When training, a young player said to me: & lsquo; you have a lot of murder, but people are not high for your cognition, no more discussion. & Rsquo; I replied: & lsquo; Which people’s attention? I don’t care about & rsquo; I just need to do my job, I can’t worry about others’ opinions, this will only hinder my development. “

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