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“Sometimes it is necessary to determine according to the game. The score leads and occupies the advantage? Leave only 4 minutes? How is the polve of the ball before training? There are many influencing factors.”

Ram returned to St. Louis to complete the last gameSix months ago, the ram left St. Louis relocated to Los Angeles, the 40-digit players who were recently returned to St. Louis completed a waistball competition.

49 people take behind Crabtery existed to the teamSan Francisco 49 people mainly took the way Michael Crabtree. This season is poor. The data cannot be satisfactory. The play time has also received restrictions, and the position of the number outside the team has been replaced. After the end of this season, he will become a free player. In the routine interview this Wednesday, there is a reporter asking Krabtri if he returned 49 people next season, he appeared very low, he said: “This I don’t want to talk about this problem now. “

But the Steelers defense group also received bad news, the main cornerback Cole Taze – Allen (Cortez Allen) was placed on the injured reserve list, the rest of the season reimbursed. Allen signed a multi-year contract extension with the Steelers in the offseason this season slump, but because the Steelers second-line depth is too bleak, Allen still is the second team to play cornerback in the number of stalls and his absence for this on the weak Steelers second-line defense is even worse.

Koir said: “Probably 15 times, up to 25 times. But also know, there are other players in our team to touch the ball. The average of 64-speed offense is averaged each game, plus the results and lineup of the time. I think the number of touches will be almost 15-25 times. “

According to the alphabetical order, the safety Weija Male Adams from the University of Louis Anna became the first defensive guards attending the trial Monday. His performance is excellent. He ran out of 4.56 seconds 40 yard sprint score, he himself is very disappointed with this performance. He told me that he might re-ran 40 yards in PRO DAY at the University of Louisiana at April 5. However, he may not need this. At least one team hopes to use a round of checks in his hand. A coach of this team said that Adams’s competition video showed that he is a “brutal”. And this team does not think they can choose Adams.

When you are healthy, Evet is a very considerable player, but he has absent 22 games in the past two years. If it is determined to report, he will absent 41 games in his five-year career. This will also make Mingchun become a free player’s Evet contract negotiations. If the situation is so unstable, the tiger is afraid that it will not be willing to provide him more than one year.

As the team veteran James – Harrison (James Harrison) by injuries may not be able to play, so this week’s game against the Cincinnati Bengals will and Arthur Jones – Moe Ci (Arthur Moats) together occupy a position inside linebacker . The other main rookie linebacker Ryan – Sha Zeer (Ryan Shazier) will also be expected to return to competition after an absence of three weeks.

The Steelers second-year linebacker into the inactive listPittsburgh Steelers announced this week the six second-year linebacker Jarvis – Jones (Jarvis Jones) out of the injured reserve list and instead put 53 people to activate the squad. Since Jones had wrist bone fragments have been absent for nine weeks of competition.

It is reported that more than 10,000 fans on the scene are present, and the professional bowls at the midfielder were awarded the honor of the Career Included Hattle. Brisse said: “He is our MVP, so we have to thank him in the middle of it.”

This season, Crabtree returned from injury, competitive state plummeted, the court has failed to effectively get rid of the defender, the ability to get rid of the ball almost zero, 15 games in the ball game yardage only six games over 50 code. 49 people, Www.Google.So Jim Harbaugh, Zeng Zarabuktel, who took the bulls in Krabgte, took a hand in NFL history, but this season Clarbtri uses the leader of the league in front of the league. Have a slap in the face of Hubble. Drops, severe injuries, plus low-key character, allowing Klebitri probably unable to go back to 49 people.

This activity is organized by the foreigner, ISAAC Bruce. His founded fund currently aims to bring better education and health habits for children in St. Louis, and Bruce hopes that this teammates can Let’s thank the fans for their support in 21 years.

ESPN reporter Adam Schefter reported that Evet is currently being diagnosed in Los Angeles to decide whether to accept back surgery. If the operation is determined (this will be the third surgery accepted by the back injury), the Evet’s season will end the official declaration.

Before Combine beginning, I met a top manager, he said: “This is part of a draft class cornerback.” On Monday, at the Indianapolis airport to see him again, he comments: “This is part of cornerback draft class. “Yes, the defensive backs were doing well for Combine draw a satisfactory conclusion.

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