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After being traded to the sea eagle after 2019, Diggz’s positive impact on the team was immediately asked. Last season Dedgs played all 16 regular games, completed 5 copy, and refreshed the best, and helped themselves in their career bowls.

Hilton was 24 years old, completed 82 battles last year, pushed 1345 yards, and 7 reached. Obviously he is also a member of the top level of the league, but who will put him first? Obviously if Hilton also hopes to get a contract worth 70 million US dollars, he may not stay in the pony.

“I have spent a great summer. I am really like this. We took a rest for about 20 days. We went to California to visit your family. I accepted the new crown virus to detect this. I can visit my parents. I visited my brother and them. Family. So really went to a great place, then returned home, unfortunately, I confirmed cancer. “

Mike Qi Shi refused to interview with Fox after the gameMike Zimmer, the head of Mike Qimmer, Minnesota, rejected the interview with Fox Sports after the Sunday eagle was lost after 7-138 Sunday team.

T.Y. Hilton is surprised yesterday two extraordinary price contractsDallas Cowboy External Die Den Bryant and Denver Wild Horse Demaryius Thomas have completed the renewal on Wednesday, which makes Indianapolis horses. Ty Hilton is very surprised.

Such behavior has also had a precedent before, and the four-dimensional Kam Newton, Cam Newton, who has left the interview after the Super Bowl, but Newton is four-point guard, and Qi Mo is the coach. His post-match task is to communicate with the outside world.

Giant Jennings decided to go to the field before the teamThe New York Giants Runa Saud Jennings has traveled to Tennessee on Saturday and have the opportunity to play in the game of Chao Titan this Sunday.

Cheap nfl Jerseys official website reporter Ian Rapoport reported that Terron Armstead will receive surgical lips tear at Monday. Labott said Armsterd was injured in training on Wednesday and closed on Thursday and confirming the shoulder lips.

We are not hitting Hilton, in fact, Bryant can get 14 million US dollars to get 14 million US dollars next season, which is $ 45 million, which is very good for external hands, and unless Hilton remains last season. But this is not enough, he is not the player who will affect the team’s victory like Bryant.

The team does not mean that it can be played, and Justin Pugh is also traveled to Jacksonville last week, but it is not activated because of four muscle injury. But from this week, it can be seen that it is still very optimistic that Jennings will play when the Titan team faces the 31st in the Alliance. But even if you can play, he is not possible to do 100% of the workload of peace, so the rookie runs to Shan Die – Willia Williams will share some mission tasks.

Since the third round of the third round in 2013, Armsterd demon has shown excellent potential. He launched a 5-year $ 65.25 million contract with Saints last year. He was missing 9 games due to injury last season.

The Washington football team confirmed that Rivila was confirmed by Rivila was diagnosed with scale cell carcinoma. Rivirah said this diagnosis on Friday made him disappointment, because he has been paying close attention to his health recently.

Sea Eagle Safety Wei Digs is to get a new contractUS time is reported on Friday, according to ESPN reporters, Huaha Eagle Safety Weiwei Die Die Digs (QUANDRE Diggs) is in order to seek renewal to the team’s pressure.

Amster’s injury may allow this year’s first round of Ryan Ramczyk or old will entered the starting lineup at the beginning of the new season. Saints may also make the left front andrus peat as the left trial.

The 28-year-old Digs contract is about to enter the last year, the basic salary is 5.95 million US dollars, and there is a $ 100,000 lunar training bonus and a lot of $ 100,000. He did not hurt, but he did not play the training of this week, just on the side line.

Due to the right ankle sprain, Jennings is listed as “Questionable” in the injury report. He missed this Wednesday, four training, but he had a limited training on Friday. The giant team hopes to bring him and assess whether he can play before the game.

“But my body feels very good. I think training is very smooth. I have been working with the player. We have been training with a very fast rhythm. I have been doing things like usually. So I am really disappointed, it is also very Surprised, sometimes worried and scared. But honestly, I feel very good. I am looking forward to accepting treatment, follow the doctor’s advice, then rehabilitation from cancer. “

“Honestly, I am a bit anger,” Rivira said. “I am not sure how this happens. This is the time I feel is most healthy for a long time. Honestly, I have lost some weight. I have been working with the right way.”

Washington coach Luo Rivi: Cancer diagnosis makes you downRon Rivera (Ron Rivera) was confirmed by cancer, but he said on Friday that he was ready to “accepted the opportunity to handle this matter and ready to continue coaching.”

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