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Mike Grannong is ready to become a new hero of the team

Tampa Bay pirates buy horses during the offset period, even signed the results of excellent quarter-free Swan – McCown. The team’s head coach Lovid Smith publicly said that this season will be issued by McCon. All of this is undoubtedly a disaster in the second grade of the team. Mike Glennon, he looks like a person who is “forgotten by everyone”.

Finally, there is a set of seating ranking looks insignificant, Bears and Cowboys will win the National League third seed it? The two sides are the last two three weeks away, but the race is not difficult, and now a leading Bears wins and the National League record dominated inside, I believe the Bears won the third-seeded higher probability.

Season of Grand Grayon was first in 13 games, although this season was announced in the season, he never felt lost. Grann said in an interview: “I know, this is NFL, these things will always happen. I have to be modest, I will prepare. Although I am not the first, I still need to learn and prepare how to send it as the first I must ensure that when I have the opportunity to appear, I have been prepared. “

Golley said: “I am listening to various things, all kinds of comments or anything. They have no really influenced me. & Hellip; & hellip; this is a football, I played a lifetime, (injured) I am not a new thing. I know what I can do, know what kind of person I am, the problem is not big. “

Nicks is 28 years old, and he is very hard in the NFL’s road. In addition, the 2010-2011 season has more than 1000 yards to catch the ball and 18 reachaes, his rest of the season makes people disappointment.

The ram runs to Hurley said that the knee problem is not large.

Beijing June 12th, the left knee injury of Todd Gurley, made him a difficult time in the 2018 season. However, Galley is currently not worried.

However, opportunities always leave people prepared. McCahn became a first four-point guard in the competition of Granon in the absence of injury. In the end, the pirate 27-24 reversed wins. The Monument of Shengda is Cheap jerseys from china the last minute of Grenen’s offensive. At present, the outstanding play of this game is very likely to help Grannon sit in steady position, but we will continue to pay attention to him and the team in the next few days.

In this game, Grannon 42 passed 21 times, a total of 302 yards, completed 2 times, and was copied once. The last moment and Wenstent Jackson successfully successfully, the 5 yards of the passed the ball to help the pirate ushered in the season. In this regard, the head coach Smith said: “As a young quarter-off, they always think about the super performance through the long pass, to help the team victory. But Mike did, there is no suspension In the case, he steadily stabilized, and finally helped us win. I don’t think someone is better than him. “

Another round of places to rest, because the Steelers three straight recently, which makes them behind the Patriots and Texans 1.5 wins, plus the last three weeks the schedule dangerous, almost pulled out of contention. While the same for the 9-4 Patriots and Texans who will have more chance to win the American League second seed it? Patriots next week away to the Steelers, it was a difficult game to get out, but the last two weeks vs. Bill and the Jets, against the Bill, patriotic war nearly seven six wins; against the Jets, the Patriots nearly nine war eight wins, I believe that the loss of two partitions playoff hopes sworn enemy, should not cause too much trouble for the Patriots, the Patriots last three should be at least 2-1.

Pony: Pony recently-seven six wins, probably the best in the American League wild card contender team state, followed by two weeks at home against the Cowboys and Giants, does not guarantee that two straight victories, and at the end Zhou will be away to Titan, will be a direct dialogue of life and death battle.

The first round of Nicks was selected by the New York Giants in 2009. In the 2014 season, 405 yards were completed in Indianapolis and 4 reacted, and then returned to the giant effectiveness, only 6 games received 7 passes.

Golley chooses to give up the two years and participate directly in the 2015 draft. Some people are still worried that they have fallen due to injuries, but the ram finally took him with a 10th sign. Golley missed the 2015 season season and the top three regular sessions. After the first day of the 2018 season, he did not have a hurt.

Curry explained: “Who know? No one believes that we will be 19 wins and 0 losses why we can’t continue? There are many players in the league, but we obviously have the opportunity to win more games, nothing is not occurring.”

Since 1995, Curry is the attention of fans in the Black Leopard, and he is also a friend of Newton. In fact, if the Warriors and the Black Panther can stay unbeaten before this means that NBA will have a 48-win-hearted team, and NFL will have a 19-win-up super bowl champion team.

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