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Vik also said that he didn’t think Kelly is a racial, he is not only like a white player. He said: “I am very familiar with Kelly, I don’t think this is his preference, I don’t know why someone will say this, but all this will pass.”

According to experts, when I learned that Osville may leave, Katnik entered the wild horses in the first time. In 2011, wild horses wanted to choose Cape Nick, while Katnik’s spokesperson had already applied for trading to the team. In view of the private transactions of Elvi and 49 people Terent Balk, this transaction has a small possibility.

After the plan, the left is more than a change, and the left is detained by Andre Dillard due to the biceps tear season. In contrast, the candidate in the clutch position is more difficult than the sharp position. The eagle has so that Peterson has returned to the old position.

“As far as I know, Hurio dismissal is to get a bigger contract, this is what he deserves,” Wik said. “Matt Ryan) is an ultra-off combination. They gave Matt a big contract, I want Hilio to get the salary increase in him.”

NFL official website reporter Ian Rapople reported that the injury of Gronoski in this game was considered lung in this competition. Lapport reported that Gronosky is expected to miss the next game of 49 people in San Francisco.

After the end of the 2019 season, Pites appeared to draw the period for the eagle. However, after a period of free market, Peterson signed a year with the eagle, and plan to change the striker, to replace the injured professional bowl level sharply Brand Brox (Brandon Brooks). Brooks tears in training.

However, Vlaco did not feel too much pressure, he said: “I have experienced this kind of thing last year. I just hope that I can make the team better when I am quit-guard. & Hellip; & hellip If we really choose four-point guard, then I have no way. I can only work hard, actively competition, and he (new show) will need to do the same thing. “

Jason Pites will serve as the eagle

US Time Monday, the old eagle coach Doug-Pederson confirmed the reporter that the old offensive front line member Jason Pites will continue to serve the team for the team.

Wik tells McCay: Don’t expose too much yourself.

Michael Vick and Lesean McCoy have done a five-season teammate, they know each other, but this does not mean that they agree with each behavior Cheap jerseys of the other party.

The depth of the patriot in the near-terminal position is enviable, Martellus Bennett raises the level of professional bowls this season, and the schedule is beneficial to the patriot. The patriot will face 49 people in the next game, and they should be able to win without Geloski.

Moore was considered to be between “the highest-end substitute” and “the lowest end of the main force”, but he passed a total of 30 times in the past four seasons. It is said that the dolphins will be prepared next season to change this 31-year-old.

Recently, Vik, who recently received an interview, said he gave Mai Cao Yue some suggestions, reducing the possibility of he was discriminated against by the head coach. He said: “I tried to give him some suggestions, he understood what he should do, he has his own feelings, so I can’t change anything. I can tell him that it is to keep active, don’t expose my own ideas, He will still play in NFL, so you can’t bring some personal things into the court, keep it all. “

The 2016 holiday period, Pedon Manning announced the retirement, and the original Chou’s successor Bourke Osville is a four-year 72 million major contracts to choose a dexant. To find a satisfactory quarter-free, the manager John – Yuewei shoulder is not light.

What needs to be declared is that the Osville signed the Temple in the Alliance caused vibration, but the wild horse is not unprepared. Last week, NFL media experts reported that El Vi had already foreseen that Osville didn’t want to stay in Denver.

How to get to the Osville Mustang?

Just in the past season, Denver’s wild horse proved that their depth of lineup is enough to help the union level 4-shot to get the superbit (I don’t want to think, it is difficult to show out last season).

It is worthy of attention, although silently is unknown, but I will take the price of himself to spend. Although in the last year of the rookie contract, sustainabilipedia.Org Pirate Manager Jason Licht insisted: “I will not give up Glenn, I can clearly tell you this”

Although he had many play opportunities until the fifth week of Tom Braddy ends, he has a lot of play, Geloski has taken 560 yards. His an average of 21.6 yards per game is ranked first in the alliance. This will be in five seasons in his third game because of the injury to at least 3 games.

For a long time, everyone thinks that the beard will return to the jet, so that when he accidentally became a free player, there is no team to see the most experienced four-point guards in this free market. In the end, choose Fitz Patrick, which is low-risk, is also a high-risk high-risk or RG3?

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