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& gt; & gt; & gt; Run Terma – Miller VS. Inner Defense Player Brighton – Williams

Texas people’s new trotters, although the team signed the front of the red ramp to run to Ali An Erlington, Miller will undoubt more ground offensive tasks, and the regular 2/3 The proportion of the ball will be greatly improved. This season, cheap jerseys from china Miller’s scorpion code has 15% from 15 yards or more, and the short code number is also one of his commonly used in the season. For the anti-running jur of the crow, Brighton Williams will advancing the midway town to block Miller’s holding ball. This season, the 13.8% of the Williams 13.8% of the anti-running rate of the league is the fourth place in the inner defensive player. Therefore, it is Miller running fast, or Williams defense is one of the key points of Dezhou ground offensive.

“I am ready to go all out. I won’t say that I have always made it all my best. I’m in the past, I will finally be good for both sides. It is not too surprising & hellip; & hellip; I feel some Free, this year, I think you can use the talent and ability to use it. “

Antonio – Brown with high school students watch “brain shock”

Perhaps the president of cheap nfl jerseys from china Roger Goodell will not go to watch the new movie “brain shock”, but Antonio Brown is obviously not concerned.

It is reported that Brown is not only to let the children have knowledge of brain diseases, but also to let him learn to protect themselves, he said: “The children of these high school are very important, they need to learn how to learn how The growing growth in the community. “

& gt; & gt; & gt; Inner line Bennadrick – McKini vs. Run Danny Wood Hide

Wood Hain has returned from the injury from the injury last week, but 12 files run as an external hand, and becomes a pass target. Interestingly, he has 17 files as an external hand movement and 9 times as a pass target. Such a ball-type running guard may be troubled to the Dezhou people’s internal Wendikini, although there are two games this season, the quarter ghoul is not dare to pass towards him, but once it defenss to him Passing, he puts an average of 15.1 yards at average. This is a good news for Wood Hyde and crow quiz, or a good news.

Finally, Len and Hario’s unpublished connection: The two people in the playoffs were 80% in the playoffs before the game, 6 Dalian 0 Caspicizes, 144.4 quarter-branch (history one). In this game, the game is 101 yards, and the last wave of the final wave decides the victory. Others can’t escape the eagle angle. Milles and Ronald – Dabi’s guards, Hu Rio can be light Flashing, “You have a thousand people, I have a monster”, first is the key four gear swayed Malmo – Jenkins, complete the long-passing ball before another safety sweaton, then returning the route Sangka is brought to the ball, when we think that the falcon will kill the game with Hurion, the old talk, the biggest shortcoming of the world’s first outer handle Hulio is in the Red District The efficiency is very low, in the final first gear and the fourth interface attack, Ryan is looking for Hurion’s single, but in the face of Dabu, in the face of Milles, two seem to be alive The Rio guy, but two times with a strong body to block Hu Rio, blocking the way of the falsam.

The eagle restrictions on the summons of the Falcon to the 86 yards of the Falcon, of which the star runs to Von Tower – Fremman 10 times only advanced 7 yards, just relying on the second Run Vitee – Science The sneak attack of Erman’s unconventional model can occasionally peek, the Falcon offensive coordinator Safi Xii hopes to use the initial mushroom to reduce the idea of ​​the three-speed ball pressure, and is completely canceled by the eagle.

[Texas people news delivery] a few big points to the crow

Although the level of Sanvach is a large number of Watson, but last week rely on his organization and running the ball, Texas won the first victory after the Loss of Watson. This week, they will pass with Baltimore Crows, and they will not malign in several positions.

For the restriction of Lean Changchuan, the audience 4 passed, only Hurio-Jones completed the 21 yards in the first quarter, and the remaining moments did not let the Falcon ball group got too much at all times. Chance.

& gt; & gt; & gt; corner Karem – Jackson vs. External hand Jeremy Macin

In terms of passing the ball attack, although McClin is not as good as a few seasons, he still has the ability to manufacture super performances & mdash; & mdash; completed 48 yards in this season; the crow quarter The ball is 100.0, which is the highest in the whole team. This game, McClin will look for Texas people’s defensive second-line, and Jackson’s defensive slot may be his best choice. When Jackson defended his opponent, Jackson got a quarter-saving ball score of 125.3. A Jackson will be difficult to block McClin, whether the Dezhou Safety Guard can be in time and is the key to the team defense.

Tak Charlton: Will go all out in the chief

The defensive end Tak-Charlton, Taco Charlton, swearing that he will contribute the best performance in the Kansas City chief, and may even have anything to do before cowboy and dolphins.

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