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All-star tour Guardian is a rebounded Hawk does not take us oftenThe general team will not let the team’s star players are responsible for playing the ball, but the defending champion Seattle Hawks is obviously not a “general team.”

Pete Carroll was confirmed in Monday, the team’s new season’s number one abandoned player was selected for two consecutive years, the best lineup (All-pro), Tour, Thomas III EARL THOMAS III. Thomas has never been a responsibility of returning attack in four years of career. He has been engaged training in front of this year’s season training camp. In the preseason, 59 yards abandoned and attacked. In addition, cheap jerseys he also had 4 abandoned a total of 58 yards in the university.

Briguart said that he likes the 2017 season that I have just passed. Although he only participated in several offensive, he also threw a copy in the garbage time. But considering almost threatening the injuries of career in August 2016, Briguwater can recover, it is worthy of people. This is also a little very valued by Briguart.

In the game of Cliftland Brown 17-20, Manzell did not make his landmark for several money after the Washington red leather game. On the contrary, he clenched his fist after the 12-code shock of the ball, and then went to celebrate with your teammates.

The 31-year-old Charles took the ball in the wild horse last season, and the 69-time mushroom promoted 296 yards. He has passed the chief in the eighth year before his career, and the occupational bowl was selected for 4 times since 2010.

Tiger improves the second-line defense in this year’s break, and signed the main Mingsnesota TRE WAYNES and McKinsen – Alexander and the former New Orleans Saints Safety Wei Fengne- Vonn Bell. After cutting Kirk Patrick, the Tiger is expected to make William Jackson as the outer corner guard, and Alexander will serve as a slot.

In 2012, the first round of the show in the first round of Kirk Patrick has always been the second-line defensive main heart in the past eight seasons. He completed a total of 302 cuddles, 10 copies and 65 times destroyed. At the age of 30, he got up 6 games last season, and then he was put into the injury reserves due to knees injury.

“Although I didn’t play how many balls, this is still my favorite season.” Briguwater said, “This is a challenge for my attitude, I really want to play play, compete with people, fight, and teammates Struggle. But I can only wait until the venue, I will support them. This makes me have a different role, I am also accepted. I am never gone in this year. “

Teddy – Brigate said the favorite 2017 seasonTeddy Bridgewater once in the sugar bowl, and also served as the first quarter from the NFL playoffs. But these achievements can’t match his favorite season.

The 36-yard attack drawn from the 36-yard attack launched from the red skin from the red skin. In this wave of attack, Manzell completed twice and established the foundation for Dagan. In the Hongki defensive group, it is a wise choice to make a huge air in the middle of the road.

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