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NFL is currently slowing down to advance returning work & mdash; & mdash; Hill is used as a metaphor from going to jogging to rapid running & mdash; & mdash; first if the team is in the state agency and local regulations, these teams can be this week Restart the team facilities and only some team workers can return. This is seen as a soft restart, the purpose is to make everyone have the opportunity to adapt to the formulated regression procedure, including body temperature monitoring and wearing masks. For competitive fair factors, the coaches are still banned Cheap jerseys from china returning to the team before all the teams can restart the facility. However, some people think that if the League wants to arrange in September in September in September, it may be necessary to allow some unequal phenomena.

And the US time was interviewed on Thursday, Anderson said: “I don’t know who will have more code numbers. I am going to defeat the good brother.” Obviously such competition will be a big point of view in the Melanie District.

CJ Andon hopes to defeat Lynch on the number of candidates next seasonBeijing June 16th, Denver’s Wild Horse, CJ Anderson, in 2016, was injured, only 437 yards and 4 reached, the new season, his goal is surpassed on the number of lams MARSHAWN LYNCH.

When I was attending the draft, I told Locket to play rugby for him because of some of his body (Lockete’s current confidentiality). It may even kill him. Although Lockete has passed the test into NFL but this problem still exists.

Chief Medical Officer of the Alliance: There is still no time to return to the team facilitiesWhen some teams begin to restart the team facilities, NFL Chief Medical Officer refuses when the player can return and when it is able to start training.

The lion launched a $ 20 million contract with Trufite last year, hoping that he can replace Darius Slay, Darius Slay, who can replace the trading to the eagle. Due to the injury limit of leg gluters, Trufant only took the 6 games, completed 1 copy, 4 times destroyed. In the end, he was cut off by the lion earlier this month.

NFL recently announced the penalty of 100,000 US dollars in New York Jet, because the team owner Johnson’s improper comment on Darrelle Revis. However, this punishment jet will not lose the chance of draft, because this type of punishment has never involved the selection of vain.

Doctors have told Taylor Rockte not to continue playing. The American football is as dangerous as in other sports, and the player needs to complete the impact in full speed, which will cause some injuries.

At the same time, NFL is in discussing the process necessary for players’ regression, including new crown viruses. Hills admits that even if the Alliance is paying attention to how other alliances are restarted, football movements will bring some special challenges. He said that rugby movements and keep your body distance are not compatible.

Truford is the first round show in the Falcon 2013, which was selected in 2015. He has a total of 103 games, completed 14 times, 83 times destroyed passed, forcing the ball forcing the ball three times, 7 times to get the ball.

This sentence of Hills is to answer the player to return to the mini training camp that is often held in June. All team bosses held an online meeting on Tuesday, where they discussed the training and competition. So far, the training will only be held in remote online, but after the team base is closed in mid-March, some coaches and team executives believe that the players may until the training camp can report to return to the team.

As a day, the bear has just cut off the corner Fuller, who has selected the career bowl, and tends to take $ 14 million salary. At present, the number one corner in the bear line is two years Jaylon Johnson.

Although Bill’s new coach Shan McDermott recently said that Watkins did not encounter injury recurrence during rehabilitation and should be in the team’s 2017 plan, if he continued to be injured in the new season It is difficult to assess the future of the team for a long time.

This experience from the University of Clemsen has been injured many injuries many times in three seasons. In the last time, it is a list of injury reserves in the last season. Watekins has lack 11 games in the past two seasons, and it is reported that Bill is hesitant to implement his fifth year.

The cause of things is the new England Patriot prosecutor boss about: “very thankard of Darell’s return”, because Rewick’s effectiveness of 6 seasons in the jet, he helped the patriot to get a super bowl, then He returned to the jet again. When Rewis and jet completed a large contract of 5 years of $ 70 million, the patriot boss said: “I really hope that we are still together”, then the jet said the dissatisfaction with this remark, but the patriot is not Received any penalties from alliances.

The report pointed out that Bier has not decided to implement Watekins’ fifth year contract options because this option contains injury protection income. If Bill performs this option, Water Sales in 2018 will reach 13 million US dollars, which is doubled by his 2017 salary.

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