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Capet Nick was listed as injured left shoulder in Week 11 of the list of injuries the team, it may be played. He was injured in the fourth week of the race, but after starting four games. NFL official website reporter Ian – Ian Rapoport (Ian Rapoport) reported that Nick will accept Capet left shoulder surgery.

Although Brown does not limit Galt to participate in Sunday competition, Jackson does not necessarily let Galt participate in the third week of competition. Jackson said: “I am still not ready to make any decisions, first look at his state, see how he recovers, this is a long-term process, I hope to see him at what we want to see him. “

Aliis said that many quarters of this year were unforgettable: “Sam Darnold, Josh Rosen, Josh Allen, is very talented. Baker – Baker Mayfield is very charm. I personally like Lamar Jackson, his skills Bao is too comprehensive. Mason Rudolph defeated my long transmission team Alma mater, his long transmission technology should be the best in these few people. This person is really not finished. “

The futuristic four-point guard in his first season was 22 times in the first season of the season (49.9% success rate), the 232 yard, 2 times, 2 times, passed, Cheap Jerseys 3 times dropped, the quarterfielding was only 55.8.

US time on Sunday, this legendary takeaway said he prepared to retire. Previously, on January 6, the Lion was officially said: “We respect Johnson, complete understanding, and appreciation his decision, as long as he thinks it is powerful for his future career.”

Capet Nick was demoted to the bench in the ninth week, Breen – Jia Bote (Blaine Gabbert) became the starting quarterback. Coach Jim – Tang Mu Sula (Jim Tomsula) at the time that he wants to take a step back at Nick Capet rest. At that time the general idea is to Capet Nick a chance to regain the starting position. Now the opportunity is gone, he will only be able to watch Jia Bote led the team to the rest of the season.

“I think they are very outstanding,” Alius said, “I feel that the quality of this year is the most recent 15 years, and even 20 years since the high quality players, the high-quality players, and data, one, one, I really hope that I can have a chance to go to talk and evaluate. If I say it back, I feel that even the hand is on the 14th sign. I have to take a good four-point guard. Although various teams will trade, this year’s talents Too much.”

But this does not mean that the lion chooses to give up the persuasion of Johnson. It is reported that the lion will provide Johnson’s extra contract with the Alicon’s redsparo, Larry Fitzgerald, the same contract, when red Titan gives the additional contracts of Fitzgerad in 2 years, of which the guarantee is as high as $ 22 million. The final rock successfully left Fitzgelad, and led the team to the national contest this season.

In the opening attack, Goff’s performance was inspired and completed 30 yards. But then his performance is full. When the five trials after the next five times completed the three-speed conversion, he all failed, and there is still a mistake to cause the ball. In addition, he also passed a pass. After the opening of the 53 yards were completed in the opening offense, he subsequently took only 3 times to get 14 yards.

It is very difficult to evaluate the four-dimensional guard in the quarter. Cam Newton is similar in our own rookie season season, but then breaks the number of rookies four-point guards in the regular season.

Capet Nick to the team salary cap to sign a little effect on the contract in 2014, which makes 49 people may give up his 28-year-old. His 2016 salary of $ 13.9 million until April 1 will become a guaranteed income.

Continue to express the unsatisfactory Yongfu determined to become the third quarterIn the Los Angeles Rana 49-year-old season, the first Monday night game is ready to see the Blaine Gabbert of Case-Kenham.

Lion led the Kia this year, but finally cut him, only 2 quarters of the 4-point guard in the 53nd National Congress. After the Black Panther, I took him, but I announced the abandonment of Kia on Tuesday.

“I want to spend more time,” Fisher said. “It’s not that he can’t be a quarter-saving or starting, but if we start start season, I may make Sean as the second quarter. Because the most important thing is to keep him patience.”

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