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This day is a nightmare for most players, but this does not include Antrel Rolle, in fact, Lor is trustworthy for coaches and players. He believes that the team can win The next six games and close to the playoffs. He said: “I think this is completely possible, I don’t doubt this in my heart.”

McLean is the middle line of the University of Alabama. The scenery of the scenery is unlimited when the university is known as the “Raytarian Square”. In 2010, the raid is selected by the first round of the first round. However, the influence of injury and mentality, the performance of the stadium has been quite sluggish, anti-run and its prosthetic coverage cannot let the team satisfied, the field is more repeated, once 4 times were arrested by the police . Last year, McLean leaving the raid to the crow, but there was no sign of decommissioning after signing the contract, the reason is “unintentional”

The best defensive player in the previous year, 5 degrees selected by the professional bowl, after the last season, the state is good, and 5.5 kills in 11 games will help the team win the name of the United States. Kevin Colbert, General Manager of Steel Man, said earlier, the team would respect Harrison’s personal intentions. The steel man is urgently replenished in the outside sake, and the player in the array will enter the free player market except for the first round of Jarvis Jones, except for the first round of Jarvis Jones.

David said: “It is a painful thing that can only sit on the scene. I am a kind of suffering from me. I want to participate in the competition, and I will work hard with my teammates. I think I am a tenacious person.” The head coach Lovie-Smith (Lovie Smith) did not have David himself, and he revealed that the team would make the final decision before the game. But Smith also said that David’s training is very good, and it is a great encouragement for the team. Smith believes that if David may play, it will provide great help for the defensive group of the pirate.

The calculation of the privileged player label is subject to this year’s restriction free player’s salary, and the salary of the privileged player is officially confirmed after the restricted free player sign. The original Prescot is a contract amount of 26.824 million US dollars.

Due to the loss of the prize Sean Lee, Cowbi was exchanged with a last round of draft, the denim was originally a live horse doctor, but McLene became a ball. The defensive leader of the team. Two games came down, he became the king in the team, and contributed a murder, destroying the pass and a wonderful high-difficult copy.

The updated salary number makes Prescot’s single season salary into the top ten of the alliance, reaching the seventh place, ranking the annual salary reached 32 million US dollars, the four-point Wei Karson-Wenz Wentz) .

Former “Thunder Gifts” reborn in DallasRolando McClain, who was declared, was announced in the denim, and he made a good performance in the first two weeks before this season, especially in the second week, in the second week, it was a big color, and became the team wins. The important hero.

The giant will follow the challenge of Jacksonville Jellyfish, Tennesi Toyan, St. Louis. The challenge of Dallas Cowbi, Washington Red Skin, and Philadelphia, in the main stage, 3 games can be won for New York.

Abandon the kick, should pick up the ball and attack as much number as possible. If there is no confidence to be stable, try to stay away from the opponent by the opponent by the opponent. If the other party has been close to the ball before the ball, it is best to make a gesture for safety.

Steel people will lead to Harrison to postpone retirementLast season, I was short-lived in 18 days. I responded to the old line of the steel person. James Harrison has recently been uploaded in the personal instagram. Attach the text, “I will postpone the plan, now I want to travel to Arizona. I started training, I have prepared it next season. “

The $ 31 million salary is close to Prescot to a requirement for average salary than a long middle age. Now, whether accepted the privileged player label contract or success with the denim, Prescot is Mr. 30 million this year.

Pirate defensive core this week is expected to hurt the sceneThis week, Tampawan pirate core line Wendt-David said to the reporter that he had a confidence in this week with Cincinnati tiger’s game. David was absent from the leg injury to the game last week, and he returned to training this Friday and his performance. David revealed that he had been born because of injury.

Cowboy 4-point guards Prescott Trusted Tags more than $ 31 millionThe alliance recalculates the value of the privileged player label, and the contract of Dak Prescott will enter the top ten of the league.

Smith said: “He has already resumed very well, very close to the appearance. He is the best external guard of the league, he can accurately find the position of the ball, full speed cheap nfl jerseys from china moving the opponent. This is very important for a line guard. “

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