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The ram is expected to sign the ball Sam – FeththBeijing September 18th, Sunday, Sunday, the race, the ram playing the ball, and the sputum was not able to play due to the injury of the groin. Although this did not affect the ram violent opponents, the head coach Sean Mcvay said that it may be signed back to the Sam Ficken to make up for vacancies.

General Manager of Mustang: I hope to leave the handoffs Feng-Miller George Paton, general manager of Denver Mangma, is one of the important decisions that need to be made during the break. The future of the star rushing to Miller.

After the injury in the pre-match, the ram made a temporary kickner, and Hardkee completed an additional shooting door, and 20 yards were arbitrarily shot. Before Heter was dead, the ram had completed three two-point conversion.

On the Sunday Sunday, Beijing time, on the eve of 9:30 this season, the second game in the London competition was held in Wembley Stadium. 4 wins and 2 losses Los Angeles lightning were designated as home teams at this game, while 3 wins and 3-longned Tennesi Titan started their London trip as a passenger team. In terms of historical record, Lightning is the Lord of Thai, and the 11 times of the past 15 years, Titan only won a final in the 2013 season. The two teams have recently been in the 2016 season, and Titan is not enemy to lightning in San Diego.

McKinnon from South Georija, this year, the third round of the draft is selected by Viking, and he ran on the number of mulled spheres (113), the number of mushrooms (538 yards) and each shock propulsion code (4.8 yards) Full team. In this year, all the roses of ride, the number of rushing code is ranked third, second only to Cincinnati, Jeremy Hill, and St. Lusi Mason, Tre Mason. . The running guard will accept back treatment and is expected to recover about 8 weeks.

The 32-year-old Lang is the 2008 signature selection player. The first eight seasons in the career have spent the Los Angeles (St. Louis). In 2011, 13 killing is the peak of career, and the same year is tetched Sign with patriots.

Lang was released in the first time to write: “I am going to start working !!!” “It is reported that the contract is similar to the contract of $ 2.4 million for the contract with the patriot last year.

In addition, Miller is also affected by legal issues. Barton said that the team will wait for the legal process to end and do not comment. “Obviously, this is a serious situation, but we waited for https://svetsadpark.ru/bitrix/redirect.php?Event1=&event2=&event3=&goto=http://Mediabass.tv/view_topic.php?tid=13975 this end.”

It is also a stunning combination of McKenderfront, where the field master is also amazing, is amazing, which is enough to believe that if the Viking will be in the next year’s break and the star running guard Adrian – Peterson broke up, he was able to pass the responsibility of the startover. The latter will result in the next week.

Darlas denim training this Wednesday, because of the reasons of the back injury, Romo missed, although the head coach and Romo said he will return to the training on Thursday, but people still worry if he can fully recover. Romo said in an interview with ESPN reporters: “Everything is better, I am sure that I will spend all this season, you will see the day sooner or later.”

Excluding all the words he hopes that he wants his retirement, Romo is the first ten-ranked person in the quarter, just his back injury and returning delay, let us suspect whether he can continue to play.

If Romo is better than the first two weeks, maybe we will give him less question. In the first week of 49 people in San Francisco, in addition to the bad performance, we saw his psychological problems rather than the physical problems. Although the second week of competition was defeated Tennesi Toyan, Romo didn’t do anything, because running guards completed all the tasks of the attack. Romo has no deep passing ball, and he will hesitate. His sphere has also become slow.

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