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Riviera Tuesday said that the team would want more time to assess the progress of Smith’s rehabilitation. Smith has absent the entire 2019 season due to the serious injury of the leg. If Smith proves that he has resumed health, Rivila says he will join the four-guard position.

3 wins and 10-linked ponytures were incomvented in Buffalo on the ice and snow in Buffalo last week, and it is still ranked in the bottom of the United States. After the main force of this season, the Pony was completely lost, and the team did not taste it for a good choice for the team. The four-point gap between the defenders from the patriot shockped, Brister became the first black four-point guard, but the first time did not necessarily be the best, played this season When it is good, it is still bad, but it is still led a small horse to get 3 victories. Old will run Bai Franco – Gore is still continuing his legend, he also needs 59 yards of mixed code to become a second-time player who has a 1000+ mixed code in NFL history. The piles are not very bright and the defensive end is also very bright. I don’t know what kind of level can I play this week?

Spron new coach Steve Wilks Select Reuse Rosen, but the victory is still awkward. However, this is the overall problem of the Puzzle team, not Rosen alone can solve. From the perspective of personal expression, Rosen has demonstrated a certain potential after the offensive front line of this alliance. He passed the ball completion rate of 55.6%, advanced 1072 yards, 5 times to reach, 6 were copied, and the passers were scored 69.9.

“It is currently the best time in my body. I also insist on the implementation of the strict six-day training program. I will continue next season. I understand that if you want to be all-pro levels, body and I have to pay a lot of efforts, I will try to keep myself in this level next season. “

The red rock line Wei Washington has access to conditional renovation opportunitiesAfter three years ago, after the ban, the red rock line satellina Daryl Washington finally got the opportunity to researchers.

“I am honored to return to NFL, and I will try to keep humility.” Washington said, “I have been the most difficult days in my life in the past three years, because I can’t participate in my most love sports. But these incidents make me grow into real Men, a proud of husband, father, community contributor. “

Let’s take a look at the 4th wins and 9-negative Denver Musband, since they get a super bowl of championships, Wang Xiaodi New Year & mdash; & mdash; a year is not as good as one year. Last year, I was also playing in the playoffs. I have lost the qualifications of the competition in the competition this year. Of course, there is still theoretical possible. The Runar Wild Horse Music Running Committee did not reach the expected results this season, C.J. Anderson plays flat this season, and has a slight recovery of the 183 yards recently. The number of mixed codes of 183 yards. The only hidden cloth of wild horses is still from their defensive group, and Feng-Miller is one of the most efficient flourishing beasts in this alliance. So far this season has got 10 kills, his existence still let the wild horse have other The team’s hard work, if the wild horse wants to get a long-lost two-game winning win in the road, you must use a powerful defense to prove yourself.

“All reachable scores have to be reviewed by instant playback officials and alliance referee officials located in New York, and coaches cannot challenge reachable scores,” NFL spokesperson Michael Signora said in the statement. “After the first festival-Harvin’s reachable, the competition should be suspended by the referee official of the playback official or New York,” he then admitted: “Damu is mistakenly confirmed, the result is the game It did not pause. If the game is suspended for recording, this time the Deta should be canceled, because Harvin is out of San Diego 21 yards. “

[Pre-match] Section 15 Thursday Night Race Wild Horse @ 小马The first game in the third week of the regular season will be a long-lost “Double Horse War”, which will challenge the Indianapolis horses in the Denver wild horse, and the two seasons of the two seasons, nearly two. The season has fallen as the United Affili fish, this season is basically established and the playoffs, then will it be a boring game on Thursday night?

This bad penalty did not affect the winning of lightning, but this moment is frustrating, because it is obvious that this is a time, but never retrieved. Sometimes playback officials are obviously too depends on the TV station of the broadcast competition. The comments did not pay attention to Harva in the beginning, and visit web site the team took the game. The subsequent playback clearly showed the journal in Harva.

The Alliance acknowledged that the 51-size Data of Percy Harvin was misjudged at the first day of the game. The Hawks quickly kicked out of the shot after reachable, and everyone immediately prepared the subsequent game, and later realized that Harva was already out of service.

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