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Jon Gruden, Jon Gruden, was very optimistic about Hulanberg when he served as an ESPN guest, but in addition to the tracing of the trip and was attacked by Hamken. Berg’s performance has not been able to pay much attention. Now in less than a month, RRRON has clearly changed attitudes.

After being abandoned by the raid, there was no team bidding hoping to sign Huankenberg. If he can’t find new east, he may become a four-point guard in the history of the four-point guard in the first two rounds since Jene Bradley (1980-1981) has never been in the regular season. Boarded.

Black Leopard Wikikley accepts left shouldersCarolina Black Leopard is a problem of shoulder joint injuries in the back of the Chikley season, but he still created a record of the playoff and multi-game recruitment. Taking advantage of the racing season, “Sky” has arranged to accept shoulder surgery.

In a pendulum is generally considered bad season, Fitzpatrick won the starting quarterback competition, starting 13 games for the team, win the next five games, helping the team to 5 wins and 11 losses record. Although this record is not commendable, but in view of the outside world and the lack of quality players in front of low expectations dolphins, Fitzpatrick can actually say outstanding performance.

Goff has 3 Drive, only 8 times, there is a turn of the ball and a copy, the impression is very poor, but the actual performance is not too much black. The most commonly used words when describing Goff is Sharp, open phase and Woods 16 code links, escaping, hunting in the FLAT area, find Brown, and is very attacked and purposeful. Then, like the murder of MACK last week, exposed to the right side of OL, and Goff himself had no vigilance for the rushing of this direction. Optimistic, as long as the player himself and the coach will pay attention to this issue, it is quite easy to fix it.

Goff today’s largest a Play is the front gear, starting 2 & amp; 7 at the distance 8 yard from the end area. The ram is emptied, and 4 taken is discharged, and a near-terminal array is on the right. There is no accident in the corresponding lightning, wholesale nfl jerseys and the conventional 4-person rushing and Cover2.

Counterfeit NFL Jerseys seized by CBP at JFK International Mail FacilityRaiders running back Jacobs: I hope sophomore season in a more comprehensive capabilityLas Vegas Raiders running back Josh – Jacobs (Josh Jacobs) played well in his rookie season, has quickly become the engine of the team offensive team.

In combination, today’s Goff exposes some stability problems. Two mistakes have caused serious consequences, but they can be solved in the short term. On traits that truly observe the value, he and mannion should make fans peacefully. Quote olson: “Goff distance & lsquo; completed product & rsquo; there is a long distance, but his progress is very obvious.”

Ryan – Fitzpatrick (Ryan Fitzpatrick) confirmed that he will continue to campaign 2020 season, the Miami Dolphins and very willing to let him stay with the team, it is expected that he will stay in the dolphin.

According to Boston media reports, Patriots believe that Sodell can get an annual annual contract with more than $ 12 million in the free market. In the patriot team, it may be replaced with Leadrian Waddle and Cameron Fleming. Sodell is intended to stay in the patriot, but he may have to accept a lower price than the free market. At present, the patriots have not yet taken out the Sodel, but they will try to leave this mens in the team.

Patriot’s left trial Sidell or will impact the free market Due to contract reasons, parsers do not use privileges for the neutral Solder, Nate Solder. Therefore, this 2011 first round show will become unlimited free players.

After the kick, the left side of the ram is curl / flat, and the HigBee runs sloping SLANT attack seam, the right side is the most common SMASH-7 concept of the Red District, and the outermost WOODS selects to cross.

Fitzpatrick this season pass success rate of 62%, to obtain 3,529 yards 20 touchdowns steals 13 passes. In addition, he rushed the ball for 243 yards, ranking first in the absence of a stable dolphin transceiver running back. 37 years old, he behaves like a younger 10-15 year-old young quarterback.

Fitzpatrick’s performance also revive the wide receiver De Venter – Parker (De & # 39; Vante Parker) career. The latter first season ball a few yards to break one thousand and got a new contract out of the team. We can expect Fitzpatrick also get a new contract dolphins.

Although the Raiders first-round pick in this year’s draft a wide receiver Henry – Lagos (Henry Ruggs), Jacobs should still be the focus of attack. If he can stay healthy and manufacture a greater threat in the passing game, he could become an elite running back.

“I almost had established his own side can punch the ball outstanding,” Jacobs said. “I think I want to continue to progress in this regard. In addition, the cover, I’d like to see more performance in the video game. Obviously, there is the ball. My goal is to complete at least 60 times in the new season pick ball.”

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