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Carl said to NBC media: “The defensive guards have to pay attention, he will start this year will start & lsquo; attack & rsquo; each other, will not let go of the other party pull. I think this is natural with him. Natural. Things. After experiencing training camps, we will become shocking after the break. “

It turns out that although Cox’s falling movement is slightly exaggerated, this penalty is undoubtedly a good agreement, convincing. But as one of the parties, Glaham is obviously unrecognizable: “This is by no means a pursuit of foul. I repeatedly told myself when running: & lsquo; no matter what happens, don’t push people. & Rsquo; I finally just With 2 fingers, the other party is slightly contacted, and the referee can’t make me foul. “Granham emphasized the judgment of the referee is too strict. He believes that such an action has not been given in NFL Punishment penalty. In the end, Glaham ridiculous: “This is the reason I don’t play basketball.”

Cowbi executives: inspection candidate four-dimensional guards and PrescottDallas Cowboy has recently been examining candidate quartz, such as Jalen Hurts, University of Oklahoma. However, according to the team chief operator Stephen Jones, this does not mean that they plan to give up the first quartz-Prescott (Dak Prescott) in the future.

The 64-year-old Brazur is 10 years of oil people, and in each game, he has become the best defensive new show in the alliance in 1975. In the late 1970s and the 1980s, Brazur was retired in 1984 in the early 1980s. He has selected a professional bowl for 7 times and has been selected for a while.

According to local media reports, the raid person is always the defensive end of the defensive end in the training camp and the use of conventional formation or mixed formation. Subsequently, NFL’s famous media man Ian Rapople reported that although it is not sure that the raid will not change the Mike’s registration position from the wire guard to defensive end, at least in the method, the raid Planning Mike plays the role of the hands of the handle every gear.

“I think we have no relationship with the interest of the four defense and the contract of Dack,” Jones said in an interview on Friday. “I think we fully trust him & mdash; & mdash; Mike McCarthy has been picking four-point guard when coaching Green Bay packaging work. We always hope that it will become better. Obviously, we have Cuper in our array -Rush Rush, he will enter the fourth season. He will become a free player next year. We always hope that the team has excellent substitute four-point guard, especially if there is one can come to the team and You can cultivate a young player if you can cultivate an excellent young four-point guard suddenly you have useful resources. I think if you think four defensive thinking and up to Dack, and his contract Then you have a big mistake. I think this is nothing to do with Dack’s contract. “

Granham does not agree with the punishment of the rule: I have not pushed peopleIn the new Orleans Saints and 49 people in the San Francisco, the last moment of regular time, Jimmy Graham has completed the killing of Wanfu Mary. However, the referee has throws out the yellow flag before he caught the ball, and it is determined that Glaham interference is fouled. He has pushed the opponent’s corner of Perrish Cox before the ball. In the end, the Saint regrets the ball in the overtime.

The raid people want to transform Mike into pure handsThe Auckland raid Line Wei Carrill Mack (Khalil Mack) is one of the most brightly looked up last seasons. He has shown the potential of the future super superstar in the first year of career. However, the trajector’s coaching group does not seem to be satisfied, they still think about the overall potential of Mike.

Associated by the raid, Karl believes that teammate Cooper is more power this year. Beijing June 15th, the raids took over Amari Cooper, after entering the league of the first round of Show, in 2015, it has been handing on a good data. And his four-point guards Drek Carr is also confident, he wants to remind his opponents, this year’s Cooper will be more powerful.

The 81-year-old Kremer is considered to be one of the best offensive front line players who have not been selected in NFL history. He was in NFL for 11 seasons & mdash; & mdash; all is one of the most trusted protector of Bart Starrr (Bart Starr). He won 5 cheap Nfl jerseys champions for the package and is one of the first and second super bowls of the team. He retired in 1968, with a total of 130 games in his career, and 5 times a big choice.

Although Mike was only 4 times last season, but 52 times successfully applied to the other side, and the raid people hoped that these two numbers can have big growth. The new raid people Jack Del Rio has worked in the wild horse, and he puts Mikebi to enhance the version of Feng Miller. Last season, Mike was removed from the 514-speed ball defense, and Feng-Miller was removed from the 593-in-one anti-passory of 108 times and withdraws the coverage defense. All signs indicate that the number of times the Mike new season will have declined, and this is undoubtedly a bad news for the four-point guard opposite.

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