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Orr last season and the black panther signed a contract for a 2-year value of $ 7 million, before he was cut off after Tennessee Titan’s disappointment. When his career looks close to the end, he recovered again.

31-year-old Joseph has entered the last year of the 5-year contract that was signed with the team before the beginning of the 2011 season. During the score of the professional football focused on the earnings last season, he ranked twins in all 108 qualified participation rating.

After taking the ball back to the ball, I immediately ran out the pocket to the little Mado, and I was moving, flashing and moving, and using an external hand Byron – Byron Pringle Successfully connected, complete 27 yards pass to the ball, the chief 10-7 again lead the pony.

In Joseph, I was a 4-year value of $ 34 million in 4 years ago, Kareem Jackson. Now Texas ensures that Joseph will first serve the Jackson partner for the fifth consecutive season. This stable starting combination will allow Texas to gradually cultivate the first round of Show Klewen-Johnson (Kevin Johnson).

Section II, the use of lightning running back Melvin – Gordon’s road to promote steady progress, but the road after the attack was seen through the chiefs, several short pass attempt is not ideal, but unfortunately punt return ball. Chiefs offensive, Karim – Hunter rushed the ball first round scored only 3, wholesale jerseys but the offensive linemen foul but makes Chiefs back. Hunter then scored seven yards on the right side washed away, then the connection tight end Travis Smith – Kelsey advancing one yards. Then, suddenly chiefs choose a long pass! Alex – Smith a direct challenge to the deep area of ​​Tyreke – Hill, who completed 64 yards touchdown! Additional points in the shot, the chief 10-0 lead!

Jackson received an interview on Tuesday: “This is just an offensive player hopes to help the team. At any time, when I get the opportunity, I will want to complete a good offense, help the team to win the game, I am all this a part of.”

The first time in the 2015 season season: wild horsesDenver Morn Horse was established in 1959 and joined the American Rugby Federation (AFC) in 1960. US Rugby League (AFL). However, in the first decade of the team, the wild horse can be said to be a fishing team, the team or even almost left Denver, between 1960 and 1969, the record of the wild horses is only 39 wins and 97 lightens. 4 flat. In the 1970s, it seems that they finally transs, in 1973, winning more than a small season in 197, in 197, in 197, the super bowl was first entered in 197, but it was eventually lost to Dallas Cowbi. In 1983, the team ushered in the greatest quartz of the team’s greatest quartz, John Elway. The Elvi League’s three-day in the four years from 1986 to 1989, but all the hate. However, in his last two years of his career, he finally got a wish, led the team to win two super bowls in succession in 1997 and 1998. After Elvi retired, although the team’s performance has declined, they can still enter the playoffs, but the best results in this time are the 2005 season to enter the United States championship. In 2012, the wild horses ushered in a great quarter guarded-Manning, and coupled with Elvi, who was the team’s high-rise, the wild horse became popular, but now they have the efforts of the super bowl of championships. Not successful.

On the game, the chief, Mahms 39 passed the 321 yards, 1 passed the ball reached the array, and the external hand is brought by 6 times, the ball gets 103 yards 1 time. Brisette 29 16 in 18, was copied twice, the scorpion 9 yard won 1 shocked ball to David Mark 29 sho 132 yards, it is a horses winning.

After taking the ball, I didn’t succeed in three consecutive times. I had to give it to the ball; but the Pony did not seize the opportunity. Briset passed a long pass to the close-end Eric Ebron (Eric Ebron) is called Tyrann Mathieu. After the chie is taken back to the ball, although Mahmus is short to send the Runa McCoy and the latter promoted 21 yards, but was Safety Wei George – Odham (George Odum) Causes the ball, and picks up the ball from the pony line Wei Babi-Oakreke, and the pony will take the right to return to the ball. After that, the horses and the chiefs launched a wave of offensive, but they were all discarded. The pony passed the 32 yards of the Vanatiyer hit before the end of the semi-venue, and the pony 13-10 led the chief again, the end of the first half ended after the end of Marhmus.

In the second wave of pony, Brisette tried to look for the outside. Dew Cain, Cairn caused the defensive party to pass by the defensive party, helping the team to advance 53 yards. However, after the pony is weak to the chief area, it will eventually be played by the player, and the Adam Vinatieri hits 32 yards, the horses 10-10 emirate, equalize the score.

At the beginning of the second half, the third section is slightly dull, and the two sides cannot find a score, and they will abandon each other. After the beginning of the fourth quarter, Xiao Ma first opened the situation through the rush of the running guard, and finally, he was once again played again 31 yards to break the deadlock. The pony 16-10 chief will expand the leading advantage to 6 points.

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