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Arizona Renary This side guards, Josh Mauro, Molo, injury, doubts, defensive disappearance, Luke, is suspected. Overseas Marcus – Markus Golden Knee injury is suspected. The four-point guards were injured in the right hand finger, confirmed.

After the start of the game, he was first attack by the Black Leopard, but the black panther team appeared in the first offense, and was grabbed by the eagle defensive group player. After the conversion of the ball, the eagle defensive group just debut did not find the feel, helplessly gain the first point, the eagle 3: 0 black panther. The Black Panther has completed the copy of the eagle defensive group in the subsequent wave attack. The ball is again converted again. The eagle did not have a wasting opportunity. They completed a rush to Darren Sproles, and the eagle was extended to 10 points in less than five minutes. In the next wave of attack, the Black Panther retrieves the attack. Successful Bouton successfully led the team to complete the promotion in the case of three gear conversion, eventually completed the Jonathan Stewart, the Black Panther 7:10 Eagle. The eagle was once again abandoned cheap jerseys from china SpoLas in the second half of the first game, and the eagle 17: 7 leads.

Sanchez returns to the first: the old eagle big victoryBeijing Time November 11, 2015, 2014NFL regular season launched a battle for night games, the Philadelphia Eagle was attending the Town of Carolina Black Leopard. The eagle replaces the four-point Sanchez, the nervous Nick-Forte is the first quarter. And he also returned to the trust of the coach with excellent performance. Leading the old Eagle struck the Black Panther team at 45:21. Consolidate the position of their country’s head name.

Lynch only answers 22 questions only with 50 wordsThe Seattle Hawk Run Marshawn Lynch was a fine of 100,000 US dollars in the league due to the question of the reporter, and today 19: 3 Days of the Arizona, Linqi finally I chose the opening, although there is not much, but it is not necessary to be fine.

NFL Caravan National Tour RouteWith the advent of the new season, the American Professional Rugby League (NFL) announced its latest activities held in China: NFL ON Tour & Mdash; & mdash; this large activity will put unique NFL vision / hearing Experience to at least 10 mainland China. The NFL Caravan has been kicked off on Saturday, August 30, and will also go to Wuxi, Hangzhou, Tianjin, Beijing, Xi’an, Chengdu, Chongqing, Wuhan, Changsha, and Guangzhou and other cities.

In this brand new football season, the National Football League (NFL) announced their newest initiative in China: the NFL ON TOUR & ndash; a large-scale truck tour that will bring a mobile audio / visual NFL experience to at least 10 cities across the Mainland The NFL ON TOUR will launch on Saturday, August 30 at People & rsquo;. s Park in Shanghai, at additional stops in Wuxi, Hangzhou, Tianjin, Beijing, Xi & rsquo; an, Chengdu, Chongqing, Wuhan, Changsha, and Guangzhou.

Black Leopard, External Hand Teddy-Jean (TED Ginn) knees were injured, and he missed the game against the Sea Eagle. This season is a good one in the black pedestrian external connections. Defensive Duanfei-Ir (Kony Ealy) is sick and confirmed.

A news sent a message “Thank you for your stay in New England. Goodbye, Boston”, everyone thinks this time, Garobolo and Patriots have done. But in March, NFL reporters confirmed that Brown and Patriots did not expand the transaction negotiations on Garobolo. Garobolo’s broker claimed that some news was to crack his social media account, and Galopolo himself subsequently deleted the message.

After the second section, the eagle quickly completed a reach. Sanchez passed the edge of Jordan Matthews on the edge of the end area and completed the latter, the eagle expanded the leading advantage, and the score of 24: 7. At the end of the first half, the Eagle Defense Group completed a copy of the copy to reach a copy. The eagle will further expand its lead to 24 points. At the last time in the first half, the Eagle Defensive Group killed the black panthers twice in a row. At the end of the half, the eagle 31: 7 leading the black panther.

It is reported that Lin Qi has answered 22 questions after the game, which contains 12 “Yes”, 3 “perhaps” and 2 “don’t know”. The only longer answer is “I set up a foundation called Edgewater on December 14 to raise funds and helped the children in the city of Auckland”, and the only negative answer is to be asked if it is willing Accept a telephone interview.

At the beginning of the season, Braddy was banned, Garobolo played the quarter-branch of 117.0, and came out of 4 times and did not have a copy. Unfortunately, after the meeting of the winning battle, the second game was hurt by Garobolo, and the shoulder was injured in advance.

[Alliance Observation] What is the 49 people in Jimmy-Garobolo?Bill-Bilipk never avoids the transfer, as long as you can give the right chips. Just yesterday, he proved this with a amazing transaction. Jimmy-Garobolo, the patriotic self-interest four-defense is traded to 49 people in San Francisco, and I have changed the two-round signs of the 18th Anniversary.

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