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Julies – Thomas will receive surgery

Jacksonville American Tiger Near Director Julus Thomas decided to let your injured fingers accepted surgery. Local time Wednesday, NFL official website reporters reported that Thomas will determine that surgery will lead to at least 1 month.

Recently, Osville has answered this question. “I am paying respect for Manning and Elvin, but this is not related to the play of playing in their shadows, this is not the factor that I decided, I want to choose one. Can let me get more victories, you can continue to win the team. “

McCham Feel said: “Brown’s only reason that Brown may bring Gregsen, I tried to save Brown’s fans because they deserved this, I should take him away. This will Everyone is a good news, even a good news for the United States. “

So I secretly swear, I must play a good play, and I don’t want to make a lot of clothes and rare jewels. I returned to the high school boy who had a ball with a ball. In the next training, the coach called me to the scene and told me that I didn’t try to be cut, I nodded, but I was already clear, I can’t stop.

Former small horse abandon kick hand explained why hate pony managers

Beijing June 20th, the abandonment of the Indianapolis horses, Pat McAfee and the team manager Ryan Grigson, the relationship is poor.

Recently, McChall explained all the original originadents when they were interviewed, “our first conversation, he told me that I am the bottom of this team. And he said he didn’t want to hold me. And he said This is the boss to force him to do this. This is our first dialogue. In 2012, he cut the most people in us, leaving only a few people, he told me that I was still the bottom. Things, I left I am because of a few reasons, one is that the boss does not want to cut me. This is not a hateful relationship. Since the first day, I will hate it, when he is cut off, it is my most a happy day.”

Whether you know the geography of Kansas and Missouri & hellip; & hellip; you must know how Nb is running at the emirate attack. In the few years I was selected, the Emirates’ running offensive, with the data of Priest Holmes and Larry Johnson annually exploded. Although I am fortunate to be selected, I am really thinking: Really, the chief needs me to play?

On the evening of the 2008 Electoral Conference, I received the reaction cheap jerseys from china the Herm Edwards phone, still in my mind. We talked for a minute on the phone, then he said: Are you ready to become a member of the chief?

The red scitch has recently been just three years $ 45 million in a 3 year of $ 45 million. The Texas people used two first rounds of first rounds to the Laremy Tunsil. However, the other side of the red rhech is still not falling, and Tang Hill’s contract will also enter the last year, and report that he hopes that the new contract annual salary is between $ 1900-20 million.

Osville also said: “This has no resentment, I thank Denver’s everything, I love them, I will communicate last week and Gary Kubiak, he is a great coach, I thank the four Greg Knap, Greg Knap, who helped me for three years, thanked Elvin to give me an opportunity to play, I was grateful to every day in Denver, but now we started a new chapter. “

Slim, Texas intentionally red skin left

The jet is not the only team that deliberately interested the red skin left. Trent Williams. The player of this seven-selection professional bowl has gained a team.

Baldwin said earlier this week, he didn’t regret it in front of the billionaire. He said: “I just enjoy the fun of rugby, there is nothing to explain, I have already played so long. The time of the game, I am not tired of because I can enjoy happiness, it doesn’t matter if I have not been fined, everyone’s opinions are different, but I don’t have it at that moment, my teammates know. “

This year’s break, the Jagu and Thomas have been consistent with a contract for $ 46 million in a contract for a period of 5 years. In the first week of the preseason, Thomas hand injured in the first week of Pittsburgh, and left in advance. Since then, Thomas meets to St. Louis and experts, the final team and Thomas people believe that surgery will be the best treatment.

Thomas’s absence has great impact on the offensive of the Jagua, and the approach of the near-end Harbor will bear more responsibility. Adding Position, Allen Robinson, Allen Hurns and Marqise Lee also need to be more efficient.

According to nfl jerseys Media, Ian RapoPort reported on Friday, the alliance has opened a $ 11025 ticket for Baldwin, because he made an uncivilized gesture after the 3 yards of the game The referee also sentenced to violate sports moral fouls.

When I just arrived in Kansas, I didn’t think about what kind of performance in my career, I will become what kind of player. However, I have expected that I have become a good friend and Larry Johnson in a very early. Whenever he is present to play on the court, seeing him in Kansas City, like a big star, I am welcoming, I Will learn a lot. It is like saying that he is not only playing well, as long as he is going to do it well. Once, he made a personal album in the studio ROC-A-Fella under Jay-Z, really super stick! With this opportunity, I also have to have seen Jay-Z in Las Vegas in the rookie season.

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