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Wayne once seems difficult to stay in the 53-person list, but Julian Edelman (Julian Edelman) cannot guarantee the opening of the season due to leg injury. This is also true of Brandon Lafell, and he is treating the injury of the injury and is still possible to start the new season in the list of injured.

This game is only the third debut game of Lynch this season. However, before the injury, Linqi’s performance is not worthless, 9 times in the midst of the game, and the 41 yard is not reached, but there is a copy cut.

Cowboys owner: still challenges ShermanSome teams in the face of the Seattle Seahawks will choose to ignore Richard – Sherman is located on the side were passing attack. But the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday so do not plan. In the 1990s saw cornerback Dion – after Sanders (Deion Sanders) marker half of the court scenes, Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry – Jones (Jerry Jones) said his team can not give up that Sherman side.

He said Friday in an interview with ESPN, said: “We all respect for Sherman but we will still consider the ball in his direction, otherwise we will destroy the relative balance we pass, of course, we do not. he may be crossed, that’s easier said than done, but we will continue to challenge him, and let him have at least one marker Hernandez – Bryant (Dez Bryant) opportunities, we also believe that Bryant has the ability to not make us disappointment.”

He was pushed down by an opponent, and the scene camera was taken to the screen of the tears on the scene, which clearly touched the heart of the wild horse, because the inner heart of the fans after 2 wins and 0 losses started in the season.

Wayne strives to study the attack tactics of the patriots, and their tactics are highly required. The patriot’s offensive requires that the takearters are arranged in accordance with the opponent defensive group personnel to make an offensive decision, and the old will be taken into Trip, Johnson, has been difficult to eat like this. Conversely, Wayne is one of the most comprehensive players in the alliance.

Dezhou people play off the offense, Ramar Miller continuously gets 7 yards. Three gears 3 yards, Savige found Side Road Hopkins got the first attack. A 10 yard, the crow once the best defensive player line We guards Sas Gas slammed Savich’s holding ball, grab the ball directly! The crow team started at half, and the 10 yards of Corinz toughly won the 8 yards, and then the Claien made the other party’s first attack. The three-speed 8 yard Wood Hyde was taken, the crow selected a shot, Tuck 49 smashed the gartelie, 16-23. The Dezhou people offensive group tried to finally fight, but Savige passed the ball! The crow offensive group, Frako fake delivery rushed into the Pocket into Texas half 20 yards! After that, I took a single knee and took the time, the game ended.

Hasselbeck’s performance is one of the most beautiful stories last season. The 40-year-old quarter-free guard after replacing the injured Rark first, let Pony compete for the Champion of the United States of the United States.

But after the body of Hassel Baker has also begun. From the thirteenth week, he started from three consecutive games in three consecutive games. His season, the right shoulder injury ended at the end of Miami dolphins in the sixteenth week.

Opening the crow first attack, Joe-Vlaco continuously passed 8 yards, but the next two offensive were destroyed, four files abandoned to the Temple halfway 10 yards. Texas people attack, second gear 6 yards, Tom Saviqi passed the top of the top of Hypunks, the latter advanced 23 yards. The passage of Savich has an unpredictable head, but the crow defense group repeatedly sent a dezhou people almost end zone. Two files 4 yards, Miller enters the end area through the right road cover! The additional points are kicking 7-0.

Pony will give up the old four-point WeihaselbeckAccording to cheap Nfl jerseys From China official website, Indianapolis horses have told four points of Matt Hasselbeck, he is not in the team’s next season, he will become free players.

Scelple can debut this week after the post-8-week short injury reserve window. Doug Marrone (Doug Marrone) announced this week to activate him in the 53rd list, and the situation based on his training this week will be adjusted.

And Bryant said: “You know, it’s just a mentality problem you just need to play the game, no matter who the face, just play the game at the same time, you need to respect your opponent, which is why we are so stressed. his reason is the need to be prepared to deal with cornerback ready Sherman as. “

We have never worried that the patriot, you can find a state in any case. Even though this, the position of their external connections is obviously lacked, which makes Wayne become a patriot a patriotic player when entering September.

Bill activates the Virtier, which is expected to debut this week.After the key battle of Buffalo, Buffalo needs to continue to win to continue to win the game, and this week’s main running guards CJ Spiller Has been hurt, they need him to increase offensive strength.

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