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Sixth Weight Prospect: Kansas City Chief VS Buffalo

Two this season opened a good team & mdash; & mdash; Kansas City chief and Buffalo Boren will catch killing, and are affected by new championships, this game is delayed to the local time on Monday evening. In the fifth week, the two teams unexpectedly eat the first defeat of the season, which made this game have proven that they can recover from the failure.

Johnson was 35 years old, although the biscato tendon was torn in the 2016 season, but the performance of 15 games last season can prove that he is still not old. In the 2017 season, Johnson completed 71 cockroaches, 7 times destroyed. He will bring significant improvements to the coverage of the radar second line.

Even in the game, Thomas also has a distance cheap nfl jerseys from china the best state and generally requires analgesic auxiliary. According to the news report, the coaches told him that even if he was injured, it was a lot of help to the team during the field.

“The most critical defensive player is to keep the route, excellent junction will cause heavy blow to defensive, but the defensive party also has the opportunity to increase the difficulty of the four-guards to implement the tactics.” Patriot coach Bill Beileck (Bill Belichick) said at the press conference on Monday, “Stephen’s ability is very strong & hellip; & hellip; I think he has completed a unparalleled defense. He ran to the location, then fully utilize his strength advantage Destroy the ball. He made an outstanding contribution to us yesterday. “

After the front team boss Al Davis, many lobbyed Gai joined the famous Hall, until Davis died in 2011, she still did not see his desire to achieve. Gayi finally was officially added to the Commission on August 2 this year.

In the playoffship winning the bear, Thomas completed 5 batches, pushed 73 yards, reached a time. But he did not accept the particles in the playoffs against the pirate. In the 2020 regular season, Thomas completed 40 battles, pushed 438 yards, no needle.

After being cut by the New York jet, Run Verievan – Bell (Le & # 39; veon Bell) finally selected the chief, allowing the original a very strong chief offensive group with a more powerful firepower. Perhaps he won’t get a lot of play time in this game or may be mainly used as a replacement of Clyde Edwards-Helaire, Bell in the Andy Reid offensive system. The performance is still worth looking forward to. In theory, Bell can provide dangerous ballistics capabilities in the three-stage attack, and also perform excellent performance in the protection of quadrupanitary.

Thomas’s last week of the first week, the torque, and the regular season was absent 9 games. The news said that he is clear that this may be the last season of Drew Brees, so I don’t want to miss too many games.

Gay is taken under the first round of the 1973, and he contributed a lot of abandonment record for the team. In the 14 seasons, his an average abandonment number is 42.4 yards, and 7 times were selected in a professional bowl.

Ray Guy is the legendary abandonment of the raid team, and he is selected in the celestial Hall of this summer. This week’s night racing team will hold a ritual of the honorary ring when he serves in the game of the Kansas Emirates. At that time, a member of several raiders will come to attend.

He rarely got a chance to show in the 18th Super Bowl of the Super Bowl. The ball is mistaken to him. He has a high jumping with a single hand and then has completed a high difficult abandonment and kicking insurance. The raid team subsequently defeated the Washington Red Leather with 38-0, and won the second super bowl of champion in the history of the team.

The raid man signed the original line of the original Emirates

According to wholesale nfl jerseys NetWork reporters, Mike Silver reported that the mission of Derrick Johnson has reached an agreement with the raid. Johnson will be a victorious enemy in the same district.

Saint-Outside Thomas will receive multiple surgery in the lift season

US time on Tuesday, according to ESPN reporters, Saint Michael Thomas will receive multiple surgery in the lift season, repair the torn triangular muscles and ankle injured ligaments.

But as the season is carried out, Gilmoor is more hot. In the championship last week, Gilmoor completed the key focal in the last one of the Jaguji, destroying the passing of Dedwi-Visbrook (Dede Westbrook), so that the competition completely lost the suspense.

Two offensive teams have confrontation, the two teams of defensive groups will naturally face a daunting task. Have an external handle Stefon Digs, John Brown, Gabriel Davis and Cole Beasley and often use “None The bacole player offensive firing “Bill has a powerful vertical offensive firepower, and the Bill’s shock attack will occupy the advantage when the officers are slower than the slower speed. The Emirates defensive group was poor when the game is facing the vertical strike of Las Vegas raid. Moreover, it may also be invalid when dealing with the “non-reanpecium offensive firing” in the face of Allen, which is facing mobile capabilities. In addition, Bill has a three-speed offensive conversion rate of one of the best in the alliance, and the chief need to complete the intervention at such a critical moment. The main dependency area defensive Bill may just hit the weakness of the Chief Offense Group & Mdash; & mdash; Mahms and the Emirates Inflatability is not stable during the face of regional defense. But after the defenders of the break, Bill’s pass shock performance is not excellent. In general, the Bill Defensive Group Ranking League 19th, the average defense allows the opponent to advance 5.8 yards, and it is also in the downstream of the Alliance. Fortunately, the key player of the defensive group & mdash; & mdash; line Weavimat – Matt Milano, Corgent Radarvius – White (TRE & # 39; Davious White) and Line Wendreme – Tremunds is expected to come.

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