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When interviewed, Taylor said: “Todd Gurley, Ezekiel Elliott and Saquon Barkley are the core on the court. I am the same as they are also the core. I have been stable for the team for three years. This is what I want: stability, every training, each gear, every game. Coach It is clear that Jonathan – Taylor has been stable to maintain a high level of performance, Elliott and Buckley are the same. “

New Xiu Jononon – Taylor is self-proportional to Eliot

The Wisconsin University runs 卫乔森on-Taylor is the only 40-yard score in this year’s physical assumption into 4.4 seconds (4.39) running guards, and his 226-pound block makes this achievement more amazing.

“I want to spend more time,” Fisher said. “It’s not that he can’t be a quarter-saving or starting, but if we start start season, I may make Sean as the second quarter. Because the most important thing is to keep him patience.”

Redick, who was troubled by ankle and wrist injury, was absent from 6 games last year, but he still completed 53 battles, acquired 371 yards and 5 times, and also got a 357-lane code of his career. Ameer Abdullah is reimbursed in the second week of foot injury, and he is expected to return to the team.

This season Macin took the team 1269 yards and 10 times to lead the whole team, although DESEAN JACKSON was lost, but the outer cluster of the old Eagle was still prominent under his leadership. Xiu Jordan Matthews and the young proximal sharp – the potential of Zach Ortz.

Although McClin reimbursed early season, the season was reimbursed, but in this season, all teams needed. Under the offensive system of coach Kelly, the 26-year-old external connector should be able to take a contract.

He said in an interview: “Philadelphia is a great city for me. I have always recognized the eagle team, and everything here. So why don’t they leave me? Eagle team will pick me up cheap nfl jerseys from china the election. I hope to retire here. “

On Sunday, the eleven balls were promoted to 123 yards, which also made him a total of 712 yards in the alliance. After the beginning of the regular season, the number of games in six consecutive games is also the most in the superb bowl. He is only a history of Charley Hennigan to Charley Hennigan.

The futuristic four-point guard in his first season was 22 times in the first season of the season (49.9% success rate), the 232 yard, 2 times, 2 times, passed, 3 times dropped, the quarterfielding was only 55.8.

Viking outside the hand, Handan is looking for a single game

In 2002, the famous Hall of the Hall, Marvin Harrison broke the record of the single season, raised cheap jerseys from china 123 to 143. Sixteen years later, Viking’s external handle Adam – Shetten is expected to advance this record again.

In the six games in the 2018 season, Simlun has completed 58 battles, which is much more than the ball in six games in the six games. If you continue to maintain this momentum, he can Get a total of 154 battles in the season.

It is very difficult to evaluate the four-dimensional guard in the quarter. Cam Newton is similar in our own rookie season season, but then breaks the number of rookies four-point guards in the regular season.

In the opening attack, Goff’s performance was inspired and completed 30 yards. But then his performance is full. When the five trials after the next five times completed the three-speed conversion, he all failed, and there is still a mistake to cause the ball. In addition, he also passed a pass. After the opening of the 53 yards were completed in the opening offense, he subsequently took only 3 times to get 14 yards.

For players who have only four hundred and eight million of average annual salary, such performance is obviously very prominent. After this contract, Simlun has got a considerable amount of salary increase.

Continue to express the unsatisfactory Yongfu determined to become the third quarter

In the Los Angeles Rana 49-year-old season, the first Monday night game is ready to see the Blaine Gabbert of Case-Kenham.

Of course, he has several games to play. Given the difficulties in Wei Jingshuo’s offensive (although this said, Lar Lar pushed 155 yards on Sunday), and the four-point Wei Kirk Coss, Kirk Cousins ​​continued Interested to feed the ball to Silled.

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