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The brother of the corner to Jankins is suspected of killing people.Tuesday, the brother of Janoris Jenkins is suspected of being obedient with murder, and the body of Roosevelt Rene is discovered in Ganolis on Tuesday.

Ballen purchased the Denver wild horse in 1984 and helped the wild horses a team of NFLs to achieve excellent teams, and won the super bowl three times. He has also selected the 2019 professional football Hall of Fame.

Aooma is selected by Auckland raid in 2003. He became one of the hottest free players after the end of 2011. He was unexpected to join the eagle. But he was just cut off for the eagle for 2 years. Then he joined 49, but was cut off in November the first season.

The jet coach believes that the dexil progress is not obvious.New York Jet is now very necessary to recover Eric Decker as soon as possible, returning to the team’s first lineup. But at present, the team is still unable to determine whether Teks can play this week. On Friday, Deml was only participated in very little training, and then the team was “doubtful” by the team. This week’s jet opponent will be Deml’s old east, Denver’s wild horse.

The Jet Ryen Rex Ryan mentioned in the press conference that Texel can contribute more to the team. There is no doubt that Deml’s nearest sloppy and his injury is not released. He was injured in the second week with the Green Bay packaging, and it was full of suffering from the next few weeks. But before injury, he showed all the qualities required for one level. Even if you can play, you can’t play 100% strength. This is of course a bad news for jet, after all, when PeiTon Manning, they need to win at least 30 points.

Goodel said: “Patrin heart’s desire to victory, the spirit of favoring competition, let him become an excellent leader. His kindness, enthusiasm and intelligence will make everyone miss. He loves the rugby competition, wild horses and Denver. He bought Denver’s 35 years, the wild horse wins more than the 10 seasons, 7 times entered the super bowl, 3 times finally won the championship. His outstanding contribution also makes the alliance better. & Hellip; & hellip; Pat All excellent products, the selected celebrities is also the property of the expectations. “

At the age of 38, A Soma, who was actors in 2009, who plays a hobs in the TV series “Victory Light”. After retiring from Nfl jerseys in 2013, Aooma did actors and producers. He recently called “team movement” in his current career.

During the fireworks accident, the right hand index finger and other finger parts were in the amputation of less than a year, Pierre Paul returned to where he never wanted to leave. NFL official website reporter Ian Rapoport reported that Pierre Paul will stay in the giant in a year of the contract on Tuesday, IAN RAPOPORT.

It will be interesting for Pierre Paul next year. In the 2014 contract year, he won 12.5 times of killing 53 times. He did not sign the privilege label contract before the accident, and the result is that he can only get a shrinkage contract due to the accident.

This decision allows the defensive coordinator Steve Spagnuolo to easily relax in the next few weeks. Giants urgently need to make up the bad defensive front line last season. The creativity of Spagovolo makes the team in a few games, but he may prefer to have more good players in the next season.

According to Lat Portote, Pierre Paul refused other teams higher quotes. JPP actually thanks to Arizona Red Chresses on your own social media. He may not want to accept a contract with a high start salary because it is only completely healthy to play 8 games and only get one shot. He also don’t want to leave New York, here is another home for him. Pierre Paul is the first round show in 2010.

Pierre Paul is 27 years old, although he can never copy the performance of 16.5 murder in 2011, his performance proves that herself is one of the leaders of the league’s top-scale anti-ball defender and is the real three-speed field of the defensive end. s Choice.

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