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The local time held a press conference on Wednesday, and the coach McCarthy was interviewed. McCarthy revealed that the team hopes to keep every free player: “I hope to sign a new contract with all players that may become a free player. This is our goal, we will work hard in this direction. Although we have not started yet Start with such problems, but we won’t miss the opportunity. “

GuoRabaixian partition packaging worker VS red scitch prospects (historical record)This season, Arizona, Red Tit, 13 wins, 3, and the first, Green Bay packaging workers, 10 wins and 6 losses, the second, and the history of the two teams, 3 wins and 3 losses since 2001.

Ryan said: “Do some simple things, such as training before the mirror, can help me adjust to the right position, so I can complete the ball in time.” Last Sarah and Falcon Express Tiger Head Snake, 9 games 7 games were lost. During this time, Ryan sent 10 copies, only 2 games were retired.

Billycycker talks about “ventilation incident”: Full-tolerately cooperate with alliance surveysThe new England Patriots took the Indianapolis hipon at home in the game, and returned to the super bowl stage after the 2011-12 season. However, there is a reporter after the game, I broke the game in the game, I would like to give the game with the ball in the game and question the patriot violations of sports morality and competition. NFL is in the absence of this news, immediately take the investigation.

Ryan uses the mirror to improve your footstepsAtlanta Falcon, Matt Ryan hopes to further enrich your skills to help you have a better performance in the new season. Ryan believes that his footsteps are the main problems in last seasons, so he chooses to improve our techniques in the pocket through the mirror.

Patriot Bishi Bill Bill Belichick adulpes that he is unique to this. The Billych is added at the same time: “We will actively cooperate with all the investigation activities of the Alliance, actively answer all the issues raised by the Alliance.”

US time Friday, the Falcon Dan Qunn Tell the reporter, the starting to run Guide Von Tower – DEVONTA FREEMAN will lack the knee injury. Fritman did not participate in training on Wednesday and Thursday, but Quin said that his knee did not structural damage, it should not spend too long to recover.

Packaging worker: We want to leave all free playersAfter the end of this season, the Green Bay packaging trade union has a number of star players to face the contract expire and become the situation of free players. These include external handlant-Kibb, cutan Bryan Bulaga and Corgentramons – Williams (Tracoms).

After Fritman lack, Double-canvas is Tailmen, Coleman, will get more polveled opportunities. But Coleman and Friman are completely different runners, Fremiman is more good at fighting the disappearance and gets the number of codes in the opponent’s hug.

Kittel hurts left knees in last week, absent all training this week. He will stay in the Bay Area on the weekend to continue to recover, then return to the team, prepare the third week of the giant game.

Salunan said: “If you are anyone else, we will announce that he can’t play. But for George, this is based on the experience of the past three years. If it is the home game, we will wait two days. But due to Today, we must fly away, we can only decide early. “

On September 21, 2003, the rickets were overwhelmed by 20 to 13, and the Brett Favre was also effective for packaging. On October 29, 2006, the packaging workers were overdrawn from 4 to 14. On January 3, 2010, the package worker 33 is more than 7 big fortune. On January 10, 2010, the saga is 51 to 45, and the four-dimensional guard of this game is the legendary superstar Kurt, Warner, and the game has also become the history of the cheap Nfl jerseys alliance. The most popular classic battles in the game, the final rickets in the overtime manufacture of packaging workers to win the game victory. On November 4, 2012, the package worker was overcome 31 to 17. On December 27, 2015, the red scitch 38 is more than 8 victory.

Ted Thompson, General Manager of Package, can always bring surprises for fans in the free market and draft. Before the start of this season, the packaging workers signed the defensive disappearance and Julius Peppers from the free market. Julius Peppers. Both people play an important role this season. Fans look forward to the operation of the rest of the offsetting can help the packworks to come to the next level.

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