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Jackson and many crow players absent the game game on the steel man of the strait Pittsburgh. Affected by the explosion of the new crown in the crowns, this game has been postponed from the Thanksgiving Night Collection, eventually held on Wednesday. The crow has also changed Cheap Jerseys From China Thursday night to Tuesday.

This time, our rules are very simple: download NFL football app (download link poke me), in this article, this article guess the winning team under this news (Example: Saint / Patriot), guess the winner of the two games, Have the opportunity to win the Air Force 1 pair of we send!

Is the prize be sincere? There is also a week from the Federation Final. Considering that you will download the NFL football app, come and win Air Force 1!

In order to give the fans who are still unfamiliar with some teams, we will invent two alliance finals in order:

Since 3 years ago, the team has been difficult to attract enough fans since 3 years ago. The opponent fans often serve in the temporary home court of lightning. However, lightning believes that once they move into new stadium next year, they will have a greater success in winning fans.

Patriot 41 – 28 Lightning

From the perspective of regular season, this group of the United States Union is a little less than the country’s contest. However, as long as there is a patriot, this game will not lack attention and topics.

Amautical record is leading, but in the direct conversation of the regular season, Braddy led the patriot to win with a shot.

The key figure of the chief is undoubtedly a red fried chicken Patrick – Mahomus. This season has passed a 50-time reachable, and “Pony” is already the most popular people in regular game MVP.

But if you want to win, the bobility of the chief must give the pressure. This season wins the patriot’s team, the lions 8 shock Brradi, limit the number of Breddy’s password in 126 yards; Titan let Braddy fall to the ground, win the overwhelming victory of 34-10 .

The key figure of the chief, unlagued is Tom Braddy. Even in the end of your career, no one dares to despise the strength of the old man.

But if you want to win, the pavement offense should continue to share the pressure to Braddy. Division of Sony-Mitchell won 3 times; facing the pavement defense of the Aika League, the contribution of Mitchell and other running guards is crucial

It is reported that the Dunfire Friends play a high-gloss of the Stils University in the team gym in order to celebrate Stilles, but Stils did not see, but later had teammates told him. He smiled while talking about this: “It is said to be a very long highlight video.”

Mosley Cheng team history first selected professional bowlWhen Baltimore won C.j.-Mosley (C. J. Mosley), their official said that he would call him the next Ray Lewis is unfair. The crow believes that Mosley is compared to one of the greatest lines in history, will bring him too much pressure, and frankly did not give him such a huge expectation. However, this week, Mosley completed a feat that Lewis did not do: in the elected professional bowl with a rookie.

In the history of the 19 years of the crow, this is still the first time with a player in a vocational bowl in a rookie season. As a rookie in this year’s draft, Mosley has created a new history of the team. Since this season, he is the only one in the union in 115 hugs, and won the player who kills and 2 copies. Terrell Suggs This reviews Moscale: “His performance is very special, is a phenomenon level. We privately called him: & lsquo; half-man, half surprised & rsquo;”

Dolphin taken Stilles regression training fieldDolphins, Kenny Stels, who took the calf in the training in the training of on August 2, and local time Sistil is finally returned to the training ground. Complete.

The crow has activated the Mark Ingram and the defensive front line player Cales, Calais Campbell, and the Jihad Ward, from the new crown reserve list. As of Saturday, there are 10 players in the new crown reserve list, including Jackson.

When I was asked, when I was discussed with the player, the team coach Anthony Lin En (Anthony Lynn) said that the focus is only placed on the next game against the Auckland raid. Since the team moved from San Diego to Los Angeles, the team of San Diego Tung Dynasty to the team base refused to respond to this matter.

Norman said: “I know that Hario is their number one pick-up hand. As for Rodd, he should be a pick-up of the 5th. After the near-end and running guards. I remember that only 1 this season. I will take the ball, I think we will do everything we can limit him. “

With the end of the partition wheel, there is only 4 teams that have been chased this season, the Tower of the Tower, the Saint, Los Angeles, Los Angeles, and New England Patriots. Ingenious, this last four, is the top two of the National Union and the United States.

White has been troubled by knee injury over the past two years, it is early to be invincible. Now he has no obvious advantage in a pair of one, and it has lost the ability to advance after the ball. However, as a veteran that has been fighting for 11 years in the Alliance, I have been selected for professional bowls, White is worthy of everyone’s respect.

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