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Thompson’s participation in the number of times in the first two years is over half, and the increase in work can be understood. However, Davis can easily say it easily, after all, he is very likely to remain brave in autumn.

Next week, the patriot will face the main scene to the Viking people. Before they focus on the Focus of the Steel, they also have to serve Miami to meet the opponent dolphins. In addition, the jet has been lost after the passage.

49 people rushing to Bosa-ray reimbursement quartz galopolo high ankle sprain

Update: US Time Monday afternoon, multi-party report confirmed that Bosa knees before cross ligament torn, he will be reimbursed.

Davis participated in the team’s 91% defensive kick in the 2015 season. Nearly 94% last year is undoubtedly important members of the defensive group. But the team hopes that he should not be so hard this year.

[Review of the event] There is no suspense in the Meidong civil war, patriot 27-13 defeat jet

Beijing November 26th this week Memeidong civil war, the patriot opened slowly, but the jet in the last section did not have, Gong sent the Patriot 27-13 to take the victory.

Carol said: “I feel that his situation is very good.” According to the NFL official website reporter, Lin Qi returned training means he has resumed health. The 5th occupational bowl running guard will be considered a key ring in the Golden Season. Their goal is naturally a superb bowl again.

The final junk time, Wi-Beijing is a dignity, refuses zero-sealing & mdash; & mdash; Adam Thielen – Siling (ADAM THIELEN) to win 35 yards, running Dalvin Cook, 17 yards Complete 6 yards to catch the ball. The score becomes a Haiying 21: wholesale jerseys 7 V.

Carol: Lynch may play against the Beijing-Tianjin

Local time Monday, Seattle Sea Eagle Catholic Pete Carroll announced that MARSHAW LYNCH has been prepared in this week. The beast run will return to the game after absent 2 months. Carol also said that the team still needs to make a final decision through observing Linqi’s training.

Two strong strugglers failed, plus a free kick was blocked, and the Viking people were very angry, but the Hawks firmly ended the determination of the end competition. The four-point Wei Rassel-Wilson holds the ball from the pocket and rushes 40 yards, and the team will be sent directly into the score area.

Among them, it is most worrying to belong to Bosa. The team coach Kel-Salunhan (Kyle Shanahan) said Boss’s “most likely” encounter with left knee cross ligament torn. In addition, Salunam said the Robogo’s right ankle sprained, and Mostart and Coleman suffered a knee injury. Salunam said Thomas may encounter knees before the knee, but also maybe there is no bad.

American Tiger Open Court for Cheap Jerseys From China Players to catch pocket monsters

“Pokemon Go” is challenging the status of the first fashion movement in the United States. It is better to join hands with the competitors, and the NFL team certainly does not miss this good opportunity.

Patriotes, today’s ground offensive, James White, James White, Sony Michel, despite the short half, because the back injury is short-lived, the ball is still 10 times 133 yards to get 1 The ball reaches the ball. The patriot has a total of 216 yards, four points to Tom Brady passed 281 yards and twice forwarded to reach the running balance. Rob Gronkowski, Rob Gronkowski, got 1 time. In the United States, it is not enough to pay 105 yards by the patriots.

The Jacksonville American Tiger has recently announced that from Thursday to July 25, they will open the venues as the area that captures pocket monsters. The venue is free, and the opening time is from 6 pm to 8 pm. The most important thing is to set a special replenishment station for the players.

[Review] Attack weakness + last section collapsed, Viking people

Beijing time on Tuesday, December 11, 9:20 early, the fourteenth week of the regular season welcomed a key to Virgin & mdash; & mdash; 7 wins and 5 losses of Seattle Hawks at home, fight 6 wins 5 losses 1 flat Minnesota Viking people. The two teams currently occupy the number of foreign cards in the country, winning this game to further strengthen the possibility of promoting the promotion of the playoffs. From the historical record, the Hawble currently maintains the four consecutive victories of Viking, and the two teams have been in the 2015 season card. At that time, the Haiying 10: 9 defeated the opponent.

Samunhan said whether Galopolo will absent the game will depend on his recovery progress in this week. “We will see how he recovered,” he said. “Tonight, you have to catch the plane, and he may feel worse when you wake up tomorrow, but you may not be able to determine if he is likely to play until weekend.”

After the end of the competition, 49 people expressed concerns about the turf of the metropolitan life stadium. The current turf is installed in summer this summer. It is only a jet and the New York Giant in the team and the giant has used this site in the first game in the season. A number of 49 people complained that turbid was “sticky”. Although Samunhan admits that it is difficult to directly think that injuries are caused by turbidal reasons, he does revealed that players have been talking about herbs during the game. There are also 2 players in the game in this competition, respectively from the ankle and leg crisp.

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