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Klebetry: I am not Martin Road, so I only playAuckland raids’ external hand Michael Crabtree This year, I chose not to participate in the national anthem protests before any game and some political behavior.

Although Katnik’s protest is not subjective and the American football is related, Krabtri seems to have always been in the top quarter of his own, because after he left San Francisco, he has been complaining and Capenk. Worse experience.

According to reports, the lion will start looking for trading partners this week, and I hope that the chips are at least one first roundabout. Stafford’s contract has two years left, salaries totaled $ 43 million.

The lion announced the new coordinator, actively seeking Dadord On Saturday, US Time, the Lion announced two new coordinators, and also began to actively seek the four-point guards of Matthew Stafford.

Matthew’s rookie contract has entered the last year, his original annual salary of US $ 12.496 million. He is the Falcon 2014 6th show, and only one game has not been started. He provided trustworthy blind side protection for Matt Ryan, which also exchanged the union level of salary.

Floris said: “He is a very good runner, which has produced excellence. But we have other players. So he has a little limited. But when he played, he felt that other people may I don’t think this deems his talent & hellip; & hellip; I hope that everything will be smooth in the future. “

The new defensive coordinator will be the former Saints defensive guard coaches Alon Glenn, and the offensive coordinator is the front lightning coach Anthony – Anthony Lynn. Glen and the new coach Dan Campbell have played together in the cowboy, and Lin En is the Cowboy running.

Williams explained: “Our store will not be a smog, we will focus on marijuana for sports help, not just marijuana itself.” Williams and his friends are very concerned about marijuana. The study of the practicality of cannabis is hoped that the future can be recognized more widely.

Contracting to the 2022 season, and recombinant Julio Jones, let him stay in the training camp, Di Midlov and the left side of Jack – Matthews Jake Matthews) Completes a $ 55 million contract. The amount of guarantee is currently unknown

Howard has a contract with the dolphin for Yuii.Ru 2 years $ 9.75 million contracts, of which 4.75 million in March will become guaranteed in March this year. His performance is not good in the performance of dolphins. Previously, for the four seasons of Chicago and Philadelphia, Howard was pushed in average 4.3 yards, and the two seasons were driven into thousands. This year, his punch code is only 1.2.

Recently, Williams and friends have opened the first marijuana gym. The gym will open this year in San Francisco, but this store is not only allowing customers to take marijuana, they are more focused on the efficacy of marijuana.

Williams said in his own marijuana gym: “The most important part is that NFL is a closed organization. They can’t keep up with the times, their foundation is on the audience, so as long as the audience will agree.”

Wildil, who will be 32 years old in June, is a multi-faced hand. He has the ability to serve as the left truncation and the right tricks and the strokes and strikers. In the patriot, he can provide lineup depth behind the left-offsah Wynn and Right Diffuses.

Weldil played 118 games in the 9th end of the year, of which 113 were first. He was selected by the Auckland raid by the Auckland raid in 2010, followed by Arizona Rock, Denver Musa. He can provide sufficient experience to the patriots offensive front line.

Weldir is expected to sign a contract with a 1-year value up to $ 6.5 million. The Patriot will officially check the contract after Tuesday. After this day, the free player will not affect the team to obtain compensation draft.

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