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Jones Dulu career completed 1847 shots and advanced 8167 yards. On the 45th-46th of the League History, the 2011 season completed the 1606 yards of the single game season, became the king of the season.

Bill is famous for the team, four points: one is not satisfied

Jim Kelly Daim – Jim Kelly local time Saturday visit Bill home Ralph – Wilson stadium watched Bill’s game of Tam Paulwan pirates, the performance of the team did not touch him. The performance he saw was Bill’s first quartz EJ-Manuel (EJ Manuel) in this Bill 14-27 losing the ball, 18 times successfully achieved 67 yards.

The graduates of the University of Florida are the second scorpion hand of the American tiger history, and will sign a day with the Jacksonville in Jacksonville. The first 8 seasons of Jones Dulu were spent in the Jiguri. She took the Auckland raid last season, and he officially announced the return of retirement last month.

In addition, the 81nd-Dallang and 68-year-old squad of Jones Duo have become a team history record of the Ji’an Tiger. In 2012, Jones Dru participated in 38-day training camp to seek a new contract, but the team owner eventually gave up him.

With the footsteps of NFL staff, we found that the fans of the scene included all ages, men, women, children, even gave pets to their stars. We have discovered a variety of jerseys, including Charles Woodson, Victor Cruz, Joe Montana, Tom Brady, Alon Rogers (Aaron) Rodgers), Tony Romo, Penton Manning, etc. Players.

Louis injured in the head of August 5th, but he chose to retire and have nothing to do. The coach Robert Saleh said in an interview on August 7: “He is now experiencing more important things than rugby. We just gave him the opportunity to organize these.”

Eucy This year, the next season and the Red Sparked a $ 45 million contract is one of the important reins of the offensive front line. also. Mid-a.q. X Xie Puli (A.Q. Shipley) has also entered the injury reserves due to the knee injury of the training camp.

On Monday, Kelly received the quarter-saving situation in Sirius XM NFL Radio (Sirius XM NFL Radio) interviewed Bill, listened to his answer For Manuel, there were no many confidence & mdash; & mdash; other four-point guard in the team . “Honestly, I am not satisfied with them,” According to ESPN report, Kelly said. “I hope to see EJ progress. I have heard him before accepting media interviews. First, he is a good person. He is a good leader. I heard him speaking to the team, I heard him before the external hand Speech. He already has a leader. He has all the conditions but I haven’t seen all what we want to see yet. “

In fact, it is not only a regent street. In this week, we saw how NFL ignited this kind of city. We will watch a football game together, then look forward to Sunday American Tiger and Bill, here, people are willing to accept American football. They are willing to call themselves for the home fans.

Not just Manuel performance, head coach Doug – Marron (Doug Marrone) For Jeff Tuel, Sad, Thad Lewis and http://Dinsk-Okna.ru Dennis Dixon (Dennis Dixon) The performance is not satisfactory. Dickson has been cut off by the team on Monday. If the other two continue this, the same thing may happen to them. “They either express some either we look for it, and have anyone can have better performance in this position, just like we do it in other locations,” Malone said. “If we finally think that players are not enough to let us win & mdash; & mdash; we haven’t think now & mdash; & mdash; then we only have two roads.”

Although Kelly is not impressive for Manuel, this celebrity player still wants to see Manuel success. “I now support him, and I will continue to support him.” Kelly said. “But this location does not have to decide this year Buffalo Bier’s performance. We have excellent defensive, excellent ball, excellent running guard. Now he expect EJ. He will bring us as far as possible Place, I just hope that he can start a better performance. “

We have also met Nigel Sharnand. He is 22 years old. He has been a New York jet in 2012. He came to the United States to watch the jet against the game of Ammy’s dismiical dolphin. I have been watching the NFL International Series since 2007.

As for Kelly, he believes that Bill can rely on Manuel to win, but the 24-year-old quarter-saving needs to be better. “EJ has the potential, he only needs to improve his performance and win,” Kelly said.

Louis has burst out the dispute in the training with the time coach Yadang-Gas (ADAM GASE) in the training last season, after which he did not open the treatment. During the season, the jet used the first round of the first round, and the Alijah Vera-Tucker was taken, and Louis was not happy. His protest method is not participating in a training program that voluntarily arrived.

We were able to communicate with a teacher named Matt Harris on the scene. He taught the children’s American football courses in the school. He said that in British children playing football and English football, now I also started playing American olives, he said: “In the past four years, children began to understand its rules, learn how to understand American football, understand the players, this is the change of these years.” Harris Attempting to introduce the Jaguji to his friends, he said that after he went to Florida, he was already a fan of 12 years. He is the fans of NBA Orlando Magic, but it comes back. Hat with a hats and Tampawan pirates go home. He said he did not want to be the kind of fan without principles, so he finally chose the Jaguar.

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