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The rookie runs to Sacques – Barkley spent for more than half of the time, although uniform is in the body, but he does not wear equipment. After that, Barley left the venue and conversed with the trainer.

If the lion choices and Stafford breaks up after the end of this season, the team will save $ 11 million in salary space. But in the case of an alternative, the lion may choose to continue working with Starfford. Johnson’s situation is different. He will get a basic salary of $ 15.95 million next season, with a salary cap to produce a $ 24 million of impact. Regarding the rumor of the transaction, Johnson has been long, maybe some substantive development will occur after the end of the season.

Wild Morka Wei Turibu: Be ready to participate in training campAfter six weeks of guns in the leg, Denver Yamiwei Aquari-Tarib (AQIB Talib) had some lame, but he plans to participate in the training camp held at the end of this month.

According to the Wholesale nfl jerseys official website reporter, the two star players can continue to stay in the lion, and the team does not rule out the possibility of breaking up. White said: “These two players are very good, in my opinion, their talents. At this stage, I will continue to build a team around them, and they are at the heart of the team.” Although the talents of the two players Confidence is full, but bad records and high salary of the two do not allow the team to produce other ideas.

The general manager of the lion is uncertain in the future of the star playerDetroit Lion’s recent personnel change did not reach immediate results, the team general manager Sheldon White is asked about the star player in the team: quad-saving Matthew – Stafford (Matthew Stafford) ) And the future of Calvin Johnson, the answer is ambiguous.

Flars selected in the first round of the 2015 elected first round. He first sent a total of 46 games in his career, but the giants signed the Nate Solder in this year, which means that Flars will be moved to the right.

“Our team has made very special achievements, we are now very proud of this and future. Thank President to hold this glorious celebration and support our team I can remember so long. Due to some recent arrangements, I can’t participate in today’s celebration, because I have to participate in family events. I hope that if we can win the championship again in the future, we will quickly return to the White Herban lawn. I wish you a happy day! “

Dallas police released the survey report this month, “unknown suspect” injured Tarib. This report also pointed out that the police found a gram of marijuana, but no one was sued. The alliance is also investigating the matter, and Taribab may face a league penalty.

The performance of Hyde Ben Sendai can be described as a big trip, high open. In the first week of competition, he completed 168 yards ground, harvesting two reachable, with a number of 6.5 yards. But in a few weeks, he has been injured and is struggling very struggled. From the 2nd to 7th week, his buset code is only 3.4 yards. In the last week, Hyde holds the ball 11 times, just advance 40 yards. In the face of the powerful defense of Seattle Hawks, 49 people abandoned 9 times, only 8 first attack.

49 people running 海德 将 比 比This week, San Francisco 49 people will have the opponent St. Louis ram, but they will not get the help of Carlos Hyde. The team announced this week that Hyde will not appear in this weekend during the foot injury.

With the absence of Hyde, Reggie Bush is expected to be a team’s first running guard. He will share the appearance time with this year’s new Xiu Mike – Mike Davis. In addition, English Rugby Stars Jarryd Hayne will also receive the appropriate opportunities. Since the 49 people’s own offensive front lines are struggling, we have reason to think that any running guards are difficult to perform in the game.

Tom Braddy did not participate in the White House celebration with PatriotsThe new England Patriots 4-point Dougou Braddy did not participate in the Super Bowl of the White House to win the celebration.

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