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NFL will change the seventh week and night game to the Redquad Sea Eagle

US time on Thursday, NFL officially announced that the pirates held originally held on Sunday were changed to the raids in the afternoon 4:05 (China Time).

Steelers number one wide receiver missed training want to get a new contract

At the end of the first All-NBA season, Antonio – Brown (Antonio Brown) is clearly one of the top wide receivers in the league. The Pittsburgh Steelers outside now want to take over this level of salary.

Nolan and radio stations will be resolved and will go to Saints to serve as a wire guard coach. The special account of the radio station on Monday announced this news. Nalan is one of several old qualifications in the Saint Sheng Qiao-Wit.

Clerings played 6 games this season, and then reimbursed due to an ankle injury season. The red skin was previously claimed from the Viking people, let him become the fourth attack in the team. However, due to Trent Williams (Knee) and Thai-Esek (Types) (core muscle group) absent, Claymin had to start the past two games. He is a four-wheeled show in 2015, and the preseason was given up by the team.

NFL teams will not open because of past achievements to the players contract, but whether it is useful according to the future. Although the Steelers are not easily yield the kind of team, but Brown is one of the few offensive set for the operation of essential non-quarterback player & mdash; & mdash; especially in the Steelers running back Leiwei Ang – Bell (Le & # 39; veon the case next season, was suspended the first three games of the Bell).

NFL official website reporter Ian – Ian Rapoport (Ian Rapoport) according to people familiar with news reports that Brown will not attend offseason training of the voluntary nature of the team, because he wants a new contract. Fox Sports also reported that Brown be considered in order to get a new contract and missed minicamp and training camp.

Dolphin’s defensive front line now has Cameron Wake, he has achieved 11.5 killing in the last season. There is also a defensive disappearance. NDAMUKONG SUH. However, their teammates Andre Branch will become free players in March.

Red skin signing a new show offensive front line member Catalena

The offensive front line is really letting Washington red skin. On Thursday, they announced that they put the t.j. Claymins (T. J. Clemmins) in the injury reserve list. And signed a new show offensive front line member Taylor Catalina.

Nolan served as the main coach in NFL in 2015, in the previous six years, he as a defensive coordinator turns a wild horse, dolphins, falcon, and line-guards have played a lot of exchanges. He held a more than three years of leader in 49 people, but was expelled after the seventh week of 2008.

Height 5 feet 10 inches (1 meter 78) Brown does not have the typical body outside the ruling class to take over, but his line running the ball after the kick-off and start-up speed so that he can break through numerous defense. He is critical to the success of the Steelers offensive group and is a quarterback – Rose Rees Berg (Ben Roethlisberger) passing target safest.

“He is a very interesting, very comprehensive player,” Bilchk said in this month in Siriusxm NFL Radio this month. “He is engaged in attack and scorpion attack & mdash; & mdash; whether it is inner mushroom or outside mushroom, we have a lot of attack tactics to learn, but he is very hard.”

In 2012, Brown signed a six-year, $ 43 million contract. From then on, he is one of the best wide receiver Union. The 26-year-old player since the 2012 season finale every game completed at least five times the ball at least 50 yards. Since signing the contract, Brown has completed 239 catches for 3197 yards made 21 touchdowns.

Williams is a matter of concern. In 2015, it performs excellent performance for Buffalo Bier, but after the last season is bad in the dolphins, Williams may only hope that the team is willing to give him a one-year contract. He is far from 2006 to a championship in 2006.

On Wednesday, this is a bit more than a few more, and the Journal of CSN New England has noticed the training of White in the joint training of Patriots and Philadelphia eagle. The ball-type runner Shawn Wolinger is also trained with the starting lineup, and the original starting run Steutin-Redley is reduced to the replacement of the tuning.

The Wisconsin University’s rookie is only 4 times in the patriarchal preseason, but he will get more game time in the local time on Friday. Of course, patriots like to patch their own lineups in training and give each player opportunity, so don’t be completely true.

After the priest of the May Dynasty, the name of these rookie runners like Bishop Sankey, cheap jerseys Carlos Hyde, and Temsy West, but White It may be the biggest impact in the rookie run. Without the team like patriots, it can change the attack every year, and in Legarrette Blount, the Legendley steelman is a widely known rushing problem, White can get an opportunity.

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