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When the game has 1 minute 44 seconds, 55 yards in Gust Kaski helped Titan got a lead. He has been attended in the fourth quarter or overtime at the fourth quarter or the overtime. It is a second high in 1991, since 1991, the second high hit rate (at least 20 shots).

Brown coach will give Johns Johnson more opportunitiesBeijing September 19th, this year, Brown and Joke Johnson signed a contract of $ 15.6 million in a $ 3 year, including $ 7.8 million security. However, they seem to be able to use him.

Nfl official website reporter Ian Rapople reports on Wednesday, in accordance with the informed news, the Seattle Hawks will soon be able to meet a batch of substitutes, while Capenk is in this group of people. .

This trial will be the first chance of Kelnik in this year’s snaps, he has to prove that the rumors he lacks the willingness will be rumors. The 29-year-old Katnik will also get the opportunity to demonstrate that it can participate in the competition after returning due to injuries.

Since 2005, San Francisco has been selected by 49 people in San Francisco, Gore has always been one of the most stable running guards in the alliance. In the 13 seasons, he had a thousand season in the number of scorpions, and he acquired at least 960 yards every season in the past seventh season. GOR did a total of 14026 yards in his career to get 14026 yards 77 times, with an average of 4.3 yards per shock. He only needs 75 yards to exceed Curtis Martin to become the fourth player in the league.

This year, Brown also signed a contract with a $ 15.25 million contract with the Carlos Hyde. Hyde participated in the 83-speed attack, 40 times touched, and pushed 115 yards. The rookie running Sikik – Nick Chubb only participated in 7-speed attack, 5 shocks advanced 35 yards.

“I didn’t wear socks throughout the summer practice,” said Gustosski. “This is a bit like a baseball. When you perform, you will try another way, then your performance will be improved. I think I am involved in a variety of sports. Some people helped me to deal with this situation. In the baseball In the sport, when you go out or feel embarrassed, you turn it out … Just 3 games in the season, I still have a long way to go, and there are still many jobs to do, but I am very excited. Help Titan get 3 wins and 0 negative records. “

Gore can still contribute to excellent performance. At the last season, he continued to be able to advance if the offensive front line was extremely effective. He may not be able to complete the 80 code shock of the ball, but he still serves as the main force.

Randri needs to improve the score of the Red District, after all, he last season only 4 games reached. In addition, he also has to be improved on far-reaching ball, he last season’s average number of 10.5 yards last season, 105 bits of all outer hands.

Brown main Coach – Jackson said: “It is very clear that he is one of the best offensive players in the team. He must give him more touch opportunities. Duke is an outstanding player, I am glad that he can join Team. We will give him more opportunities to contribute, and we will find more opportunities for him to participate in the competition. “

Landri said in an interview with ESPN: “To tell the truth, I am very honored to be selected, but it is also very disappointed. I feel that everyone should be the first, I am not willing to take my heart. Together, don’t mention myself. So I don’t satisfy this rankings, I will work hard to the first. I personally, no matter what kind of results I have done, I will always have a rising space. The goal of my current phase is to increase the power, correct the shortcomings in the route run, and improve the details in the ball. “

The Gustosski, who did not wear socks, completed 30 yards, 31 yards, 39 yards, 51 yards, 54 yards, and 55 yards in this game. He became the first single game for at least 3 times 50 yards since the first single game, since Justin Tucker, the twelfth week of 2016.

Dolphins walking outside the Landrid is dissatisfied with your “Million” rankingMiami Dolphin took over Jarvis Landry, in his second season, he completed up to 195 battles in his first two seasons, creating NFL records, At the same time, 110 teams were also created in the next season, also created a team history record of dolphins. He used excellent performance to the professional bowl and ranked 98th in the cheap nfl jerseys last season. But for this rankings, Landri is not satisfied.

In 2012, the Black Panther took off Luke Kuechly, Amini Silatulo, Frank Alexander, Alexander, Alexander, Alexander, Frank Alexander, Alexander ( Josh Norman and Brad Nortman. The mid-line 卫 奇 利 自 自 自 自 自 自 自 自 自 自 自 自 自 自 自 自 自 自 自 自 自 自 自 自 自 自 自 自 自 自 自 自 自 自 自 自 自 自 自 自 自 自 进 两15 games, participate in 93% of the number of offensive files. Norman is playing 12 88% defensive files. The defensive end Alexander is involved in 52% defensive file. Northamman is from being selected until the team’s main force abandoned.

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