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In the case of running the market in recent years, Henry’s draft market is not easy to judge. A pre-probe is that Henry may be selected in the fourth round, although his performance and physical fit may improve his position. And the ESPN draft expert Todd McShay will listed Henry as the second good running guard in the draft, second only to Ezkiel Eliott, Ohio State University.

Brader said in an interview: “Sometimes, I feel that people seem to have completely forgot my existence.” At present, in addition to the newly joined Gore, Wholesale Nfl Jerseys there is also Dan Her Dan Herron and 6 Robinson this year. Josh Robinson. To reopeize opportunities, Barar faces a huge challenge.

Pirates are brewing transactions 1 round show runningAccording to reliable sources, just Tampawan pirates take over Sincere-Jackson is on the waves of trading operations, the pirate team is brewing the Doug Martin’s trading.

Tarck’s total value is less than Dan Bailey’s 7-year $ 22.5 million contract, slightly lower than New England Patriots play Stephen Gostkiki (Stephen Gostkowski) STEPHEN GOSTKOWSKI (4 years of $ 17.2 million). However, Tak did got all the most guaranteed income in the player.

For Barad, which gradually restores health, the general manager of Pony Grigson is also unable to make any promise: “2 years is a long time, during the period, he didn’t play. At present, he It is necessary to do healthy, if it is injured again, his career will be difficult to continue. “

Carol said: “We have seen many times, he has this performance today, today he also completed the magical attack. When we are in trouble, he brought us out of the predicament. Winning is also his magic “In a one-end attack, the Hawks have a ball, and Wilson picks up the ball in the first time, and observes the teammates who run out, thereby completing the ball. It is this key attack, laying the foundation for the victory of the Hawks.

Pony running Guard: people seem to have forgotten meThe Indianapolis Pony signed the Frank Gore in the offset season, which also has a cold-backed Vick Ballard. In the past two seasons, Barad has experienced a knee and a tendon injury, which has directly affected his performance.

During the last season, Metcuff fully demonstrated its ability to complete long-distance attacks. However, in other other competitions in the 2019 season, Metcuff can play a huge role in other offensions. If he is able to improve the ballistics, both body and speed Metcrew have potential to become a comprehensive player and complement each other with Tayler Lockett.

Henry will become the first running guard of the Nick Saban in the University of Alabama, and the first running guards who participate in the draft in advance. The running guards in the past have Glen Coffee, Mark English Mark Ingram, Trent Richardson, Eddie Lacy and TJ Yeldong (TJ Yeldon).

The team that has already traded in contact with the pirate team. Some sources of the alliance believe that the pirates wanted to go out at 4 pm on the last deadline. But this is a relatively difficult transaction.

Carol: Wins the magic of WilsonSeattle Hawks wins in the National Outlook Card, compared to the opponent’s missing critical shot, the head coach Pitt Carroll is more willing to break the team’s victory in the quarter Swan Wilson (Russell) The excellent performance of Wilson.

In the super bowl last season, Wilson encountered a copy of the championship at the last moment and gave the championship. This season, he and the Haiying have rebounded in the premiere of the season, and once again become a popularity. After defeating Minnesota, next week, their opponents will be the National Union Conventional Champion Corolina Black Leopard, and their goals are naturally entering a super bowl for the third consecutive year.

The new Cohai Sman’s winner won 158 yards 3 times in the national championship in the University of Alabama 45-40. The height is 6 feet 3 inch, and the weight of 242 pounds of Henry has taken 2219 yards 28 times. In addition, he also had a rush of the ball for 20 consecutive games, which entered the school history.

Haiying attack coach: excitement for the new season for EmetkafDK-Metcalf has made breakthroughs in a rookie season, but Seattle Hawks believe that his performance in the rookie season is only a small lotus.

“We know the first point is that we can let him be in different positions and rely on him to do different things,” said Brane Eagle offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer. “He is almost fixed in the outside last year. This year we know that we can make him more in different positions. He can run more ball lines. He has proven that you can run to the opponent.”

“I just feel flexibly in a variety of positions and use some different ball lines that can make him skilled, will strengthen him that he has been showing in the video. When we enter the new season, this will be It is a very incredible advantage. “

Martin’s season was 2.9 yards, 48 sho got 139 yards and 1 time. The 2012 new show season has got the best achievements of the 1454 yards of the squad, and only 6 games last year were reimbursed by the injury season, but only 456 yards and 1 time.

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