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It is reported that this proposal has been supported by many coaches of the coaches, and Houston Texas’s head coach Bill O’Brien (Bill O & # 39; Brien said, “This will change a lot of tactics, you will see more The choice of risk, I don’t want to see the order, this will no longer have a single game. “The coach of the Baltimo Crowbus John Harbaugh said:” Ten minutes is already long enough, from the past 10 points We generally determine the winning and losing in the last 5 minutes. “

Texas people selected Strong in 2015, the third round of the Draft, was generally believed to have a very high-tentale player, Http://00Fmsytgr.Classicstrategies.Cc/__Media__/Js/Netsoltrademark.Php?D=Wiki.Smpyppksantodonboscofakfak.Sch.Id%2Findex.Php%2FUser%3AKathrinE30 Texas people can choose Strong in three rounds. It is a big cheap. However, from the performance of the past two seasons, the performance of Strong is not satisfactory, and the opportunity to play, only 18 appearances in 32 regular sessions. In the 2015 season, he only completed 14 games in the 161 yards to drive the 161 yards to win the 3 times; 2016 season, he has completed 14 times in the 8th time, no more than the big, still in the eighth week and lion The ankle injury in the competition ended season. This season, he has played in the two preseason, with a total of 29 yards of 29 yards in 3 in 3.

Badler said in the twitter: “In the four years of patriots, I will give yourself all the dedication. I will never do anything that affects the victory of the team, including this year’s super bowl Every night, I will return to my teammates to my family. The first week I have never attended any concerts. I didn’t have any concert for a foul, and I didn’t participate in the strange activities mentioned in the report. These rumors are for me I have caused great harm to my family. “

In recent years, the alliance has revised some rules of the overtime game. There are some rules of university overtime games, the effect is not bad, but there is still some people think that the game should not have a single.

Markham-Butler denied that he had violated the convincing provisionsAccording to NFL Media reporter Ian Rapoport, the possible cause of Malcolm Butler has not been derived, including illness and training. Badler responded to the residential part.

For Texas people, there is currently a problem that the outer junction is saturated. Teaching of the team No. 2 WILL FULLER will absence at least six regular sessions in the training camp; the main grooves take over BRAXTON MILLER is currently an ankle, absent the appearance of the patriot last weekend. At this year’s draft conference, the team did not make up in the external connections. At present, the team’s outer hand is relatively excellent, and the extensive bruce Ellington just joined from 49 people. He played the first representative Texas in the preseason with the Patriots. After the game, they showed the ball and brought the ball after the game. The ability to advance, the whole game handed over the 93 yards of the 5 pick 4, as the number of passed targets, the number of times the ball is completed, and the number of balls is the first of the team. In the absence of Will Fuller, Ellington will have the opportunity to compete for the position of the first hand.

The Alliance’s penalties from his penalties in February 2016 he was arrested in Scottsdale in Arizona. He tried to appeal from penalty, but eventually was rejected by the league. In the first week of regular season, in the Houston Texas and Jacksonville America Tiger’s game, fans would not see the Strong’s figure on the court. Strong can only wait until September 11th, the team will be re-returned after the team with the American tiger.

“Oh, I really don’t know if I can have a picture in NFL.” The Black Leopard is the first round show, and Kelvin Benjamin said in an interview with local media. This reminded that the eagle 4-point Donovan-McNabb was also said to be the same.

Bakner, which was selected for the best lineup, said: “During the team, enhanced defense is too great. The video is like a permanent motion. But you can’t only look at the line guard, other defensive front line members It is also ready to go, ready to tear the opposite offensive front line. I think this will make our line guard to show the space of the box, and more opportunities will be made. This can also share some defensive guards, because they don’t have to use It takes too much time to prevent it. “

The 33-year-old Jackson has been in the past two seasons, and the last season is in the first time in 2010, the first time is less than 1000 yards. Pirates have a full reason to leave Jackson, one is that he is the leader of the team, very familiar with the new coach Dirk KoTer (Dirk KoTer) offensive system; its second is that the team is difficult to sell from the free market or draft Find the right alternative.

The small horse is transferred to the 248.9 yard from the season, and the ranking is more than 10. With Bakner, Shelton, Sheldon Day, after Justin Houston, the opposite sanctuary felt more pressure, and the situation of rushing should also increase significantly.

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