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Hawks or will open the high price contract to locate WilsonSeattle Hawks have successfully ranked among the national contest, and the outstanding performance of Russell Wilson is an important reason for the team to win. Although the season has not ended yet, the Hawk has begun to plan to work in Wilson’s renewal work.

Talib is 33 years old and has not participated in the training last Wednesday. That is also his first time in the team injury report. Talib has eventually failed to participate in the Sunday’s 49-person competition, and the two lines of the Ram were pushed up to 232 yards in the opponent, but did not allow pass to reach. In the end, the ram 7-20 lost 49 people.

Since its efforts, Wilson is not worthwhile to give a contract higher than Rogers, but many times, the strength of salary and player does not directly hook. The 26-year-old Wilson is leading the Hawks toward the second super bowl of champion, as the highest price in the alliance, has not reached the young four-point guard with the peak.

In his healthy season, Flett showed the closing corner of the first round show in 2014. In the 14th game in 2015, he won 42 times, 12 times destroyed the ball and 3 chances and selected a career bowl. This outstanding performance makes many experts believe that Flett will become the next Guanmen Wei. But after that, the injury destroyed everything.

NFL official website reporters revealed that the Hawk plans to provide Wilson with a high-priced contract, with a piece of paper to lock this super bowl of championship level. The Hawble current lineup is a star gather, but as a core quartz, Wilson’s current annual salary is less than $ 1 million. Next year, he will enter the last year of the rookie contract, and the insider revealed that the Hawks did not want to wait until the 2015 season, consider renewal problems, and they hope to extend the contract with Wilson after the end of this season. At present, the average annual salary in the alliance is Green Bay packaging workers, Aaron Rodgers, and he and the team’s contract for 5 years, worth $ 1 million, with average salary reached 2,000 ten thousand. Reporters revealed that the sea eagle or will provide Wilson’s new contract with a new annual salary than Rogers.

Flett’s injury is a shadow that is a new season that lightning is originally pleasant. They could have the best second-line defense of the alliance. In addition to Fletter, lightning is defensive in second-line defensive Hawks Casey Hayward, Desmond King, Trevor Williams, Adrian – ADRIAN PHILIPS and rookie safety satellite – James. Now they lack a key player.

The Los Angeles flash angle guards encountered bullion tenders in physical training, Wholesale Jerseys which means he will absent the whole season. Lightning indicates that Flett will receive further inspections on Saturday.

Prescot did not let the substitute four-point guards have gotten up, and he has continued to start a 64 game. Last season he passed the most popular 4902 yards 30 times. But he can get valuable experience from Dalon.

“I think those people learn how to become a substitute, what is the feeling of supporting the first,” Dalton said. “I think the most important thing is that you have to be the first first-first support, make sure you can help him on the game in the game. You have to tell him that you can see it on the scene but I can’t see it on the scene. I I feel that this is the most important & mdash; & mdash; you have to support the first quarter. “

Dalton was a short-shot four-point guard last season, but he returned to the starting lineup after 3 games. So far, he learns substitute experience from the past players who have served as a substitute.

“It’s of course a transition process for me. I have been the first in the past 9 years, but I am very excited to come here,” Dalton said on Wednesday. “Since I joined this, Dack has always been great. I think the relationship between us is getting better and better. We really know each other, this is a fun colleague relationship.”

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