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Although Mei’s break did not expressed “at all costs”, he insisted that if you can use the privileged label to leave Su, the strength of the lion team is still very strong. Although the Merfage Forecasting Alliance will increase the restriction of 10 million wage capsules, the total salary of these three has accounted for half of the team’s salary.

The efficiency of the Gustus Basic season does need to worry, although any ball shoot 8 in 7, he only completed 11 times in addition to 11 times, and three consecutive games were missing at least one additional shot.

Josh-Gordon has served as a good-time ambassador of Salchoni Automobile before the “commutation”, which is located in Ludov, Ohio. The company owns Alex Sarchione said: “He will continue to cooperate with us, but because Gordon’s ban is reduced, the scheduled plan will change. The two sides have already discussed this. Take something. “

On the other hand, Adam – Jones is one of the main perpetrators of the playoffs in January Fuzion, and the absence of suspended Specter Boffin, he and DS Ray – Kirkpatrick formed a “rogue alliance”, two were from “this fat” in the hands successfully stole a pass.

Giant coach: Bradford will succeed in the eagleThe quarter-saving problem of Philadelphia eagle still did not get resolved after a few months, but now, Sam Bradford is most likely to be a team of team. . At the 2010 season, St. Louis ram, New York Giants Defense Coordinator Steve Spagnuolo said in an interview that Bradford has the ability to succeed in the eagle.

Joh-Gordon’s prohibition period continues to rely on saleAlthough it is benefited from the new banned drug policy, as the Cleveland, the king of the game, Josh Gordon has obtained the sentence to avoid the season reimburse, but still needs to be banned. The first week of the last week and the tenth week, he was the first to wait until the twelfth week. During this time, Gordon is not idle, he has been doing your own ideal career: car salesman.

There are up to 10 teams to enter the bid on Su, but Matthew still said that the lions will not fight out their most valuable defensive players, that is, they will do all the ways to negotiate with Su. But it seems that the privilege label should be the most realistic.

For the Steelers and Bengals, the sworn enemy of the series will always be illegal war often collide against the head, there will always be one or two players be expelled or suffer more severe punishment.

This message is too sudden, because the Soviet Xiu contract will occupy 26.7 million wage salary. This is too expensive for the lion team because they will cost 40 million salary spaces in Kelvin Johnson and Matthew Stafford.

As a homony opponent, Spagno is expected to play two times in the new season and Bradford. Although Spagno is not a word of praise for this previous disciples, he seems to be confident in how to guard him.

Spagno said: “I believe in me, he has all the techniques needed for four-dimensional bathroom. In addition, he is a brave competitor, which is a necessary condition for the elite quarter-off. He likes to accept challenges, Trust teammates, very high-aspigenic business, talking about the eagle’s unconventional offense, Spagno believes that Bradford can adapt very well: “He has the best arm of the league, stronger than imagination. He is very suitable for this offensive system. I believe that he must succeed. “

Salchoni also said: “Gordon has no doubt is a football player. We have been emphasizing this. We wish him to return to the stadium as soon as possible. But he is also contract with us. No discussion, how to adjust his future itinerary, but currently he works from morning to night, not running over casual mission. “

Patriot playing the ball handles Teicksky season reimbursement US Time Wednesday, according to Cheap Nfl jerseys NetWork reporters, Patriots play Stephen Gostkowski, STEPHEN GOSTKOWSKI, will be added to the injury reserve list due to injuries. The team officially confirmed this news.

The final result for the Bengals running back Jeremy – Hill, it is too familiar: that of January last moment the ball out of life and death put an end to the game, and vice versa so tonight. Boyd moment of chasing points in the fourth quarter off the ball, but also to all the efforts of the Tigers in the final of a death knell. Cincinnati fans will always be repeated, there is tragedy.

In the constant bickering and controversy, it has undergone offseason, No. September 18, 2016 regular season Week 2, the first time the two teams met in the regular season. Tigers want a victory away from Heinz Field, and aim at the impact of the Super Bowl Steelers would never allow this scene happen. Up to six months to heal, both sides seem to fans finally can watch the right way to go.

The Gustosski is 35 years old. It is the patriot 2006 four-wheeled show, and the career will win 3 super bowls, 4 times in a career bowl, 2 times to the best lineup of the United States association. After replacing Adam Vinatieri, Gustosski missed 8 games in the 2010 season, but it kept healthy.

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