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2. Brady and Broncos quarterback Peyton – Manning (Peyton Manning) plus age together is 28,603 days (78.4), which is a new record & mdash; & mdash; the playoffs two sides starting quarterback age and Highest. The previous record was 27,704 days (75.9 years old), by John – Elvey (John Elway) and Dan – Marino (Dan Marino) created in the 1998 American League semi-finals last season. The tournament will be Brady and Manning fifth postseason encounter, is the maximum number of records meet two quarterbacks in NFL history, regular season count the two played against 16, with 11 Brady Manning a 7-5 lead.

The prior team thinks that Ryan Tannehill is torn in the knee in the knees in the knee, but now they find that Tannesell is only the front cross ligament and the inside of the knee. sprain. According to the coach Adam Gase, Tannesell did not need surgery.

Carter said in an interview with a reporter: “My grades are very high, so when I am probably the second, third rounds, I started waiting (selected). & Hellip; & hellip; I feel my performance can win the high position. But when I wanted to go, the previous concerns were disappeared in an instant. I am very grateful to become a jet, because it is very perfect for me. “

Jet rookie running guard Carter: ready to make contributionsWhen I learned that I was signed by the jet, I was looking away from Michael Carter. He believes that it is the same as the jet is the sky, and it can also contribute to the team.

Manning is only 4.6 yards at Sunday’s Sunday semi-finals, and there is no completion of Demaryius Thomas and Emmanuel Sanders. Long distance passed. He has completed 26 times to win 211 yards and 1 time, and there is still a ball.

Tannes will end the season in his career. If the game game is his last game this season, he ultimately achieved the best 67.1% of his success rate this season. He passed the 2995 yard 19 times to 12 times the ball was copied. Although the dolphins still has a step away from the outer card, Tannesell makes the dolphins since 2008, I have had the opportunity to enter the playoffs since 2008. The challenge of entering the playoff will now fall to the career has always been a Matt Moore, and the last Moore starting competition is in 2011.

Pump fake is not a great tactics. If the defensive player ignores the fake action, they directly fall down to the quarterfield, which is a perfect defense. But in a highly integrated attack and defense, it is not easy to deferent God.

7. In the conference semifinals against the Chiefs, Brady the ball in a very short time average of 2.13 seconds, due to the wide receiver Julian – Edelman (Julian Edelman) return, the Patriots offensive end back at your own pace. When Edelman and tight end Rob – when glycopyrrolate Koski (Rob Gronkowski) on the court, Brady pass time shot in 2.14 seconds, any one of which is not in play, the ball shot time to 2.39 seconds .

After Wilkson is absent, Dean Lowry will be played instead of him. Lori participated in the number of defensive files in the packaged workers in three games, gaining 5 clams, and Wilkson participated in 56% defensive and got the same quantity.

Carter will make a young backfinder lineup with LeMical Perine, TEVIN COLEMAN. Other sectors of the offensive group are also talented: Elijah Moore’s addition to make jets do not worry about external depth, first round Xiu Maikai – Beckhi Becton with Aleza Villatak (Alijah) Vera-Tucker, adding bricks to the offensive front line, 4 points Wei Zak Wilson (Zach Wilson) is the core of the team leaders.

After the main family was lost to the Indiana pony between 13-124, Manning said in an interview: “I am very disappointed, I need time to recover, let’s talk about whether the next season is returned, I can’t give a quick answer. “

According to the score of the professional football focus, the packaging workfall is ranked 14th, but their strength is the Pass defense, and the League 12th. This makes the impact of Wilkson’s lack of abstration.

However, after the interview in the playoff, Manning said that many factors will affect the return of the next season. He replied: “There are too many cases that may happen. I can’t answer one by one. If there is a coach leaves the team, I need time to come to clarify my thinking, and I have to observe my physical condition.”

The defensive frontline player was seriously injured in the ankle against Washington’s red skin, and he was therefore hospitalized in Washington and Cheap Jerseys needs to be treated. This injury may let him reimburse him.

3. Brady career against the Broncos score of 6 wins and 8 losses (including playoffs), the Mustang has become the only team the upper hand in the fight with the Brady team history. Playoffs, Brady Manning led the Broncos to record is 1 win 1 loss, including the 2013 ALCS – and the Manning of that game.

6. The red Mustang 12 weeks against the Patriots win the ball 179 yards on the Patriots this season in rushing defense for the most yards a game. Denver where three red ball touchdowns were outside in the front end washed away win, the Patriots defense on this route let the Broncos rushed down the 90 yards, this is the worst defense the past two seasons, the Patriots once performance.

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