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“The first person I think is Tremein, and I saw his progress during the offset period.” Fraser is asked to think that anyone will become a new leader of the defensive group. “In this virtual offset period, he gave the players together and exchanged them, called them, contact them, he didn’t just care about his position, that is, line guard. Jordan Poyer This is also the case, Jerry Hughes, also contacts teammates, and strives to build our unity because they are not training. I really think that these people will become leaders, they contact other players in their position, help Young people and old will keep contact. “

After the jet closing, after 4-12, the jet immediately fired Balls. Balls fails to join the playoffs for four seasons. This year, I lost to Brown, the American tiger and Bill also made hopes completely. Balls led team record 24 – 40, the 2015 team 10-6 is the best record, but still has not been able to get tickets for the season.

“When you pay attention to him, he will enter the third season and only 22 years old. He is so young, there is so much potential, he has achieved so much achievements,” Fraser said. “He has been recognized as one of the team and defensive group leaders. We are very happy to have him. His performance is your epitome of your star players and leader players. He is a player you don’t have to feel worried at night. You Know that he will be in place, in this regard, you know what he will do. We are of course very lucky to have his star player as Buffalo. “

I hope that the new leader can stand out from the Bill Frazier, Leeslie Frazier, believes that even if it is still young and insufficient, Line Wendreme is one of the potential candidates of Tremaine Edmunds.

As far as the popularity of American football, the American Professional Rugby League (NFL) is also a well-deserved first alliance in the United States, which is far over the second baseball (MLB). Some people said that the American University Rugby League (NCAAF) is about to exceed the baseball and become the second popular event in the United States. Moreover, American football is also the most popular sport at all levels, from the professional football alliance to the university football league, and then go to the high school football event to the competition held by the primary school, which is actively involved in the players.

Despite the excellent attachment work, Bill became a strong competitor of the Meidian East champion, Alexander and Williams left let the team lost leaders. Williams career is all in Bill in 13 years. He is one of the team’s soul. And Alexander is in the last 4 seasons for Bill.

Edmund is still young, he only is 22 years old in the beginning of May, and it will only usher in his third season. He performs excellent performance last season and gets 115 hugs 9 times to destroy the ball.

Titan Friday with this professional bowl defensive cut off a four-year value of 60.4 million US dollars, including renewal contracts for $ 40 million security income. Originally Casea contracts have expired until the end of the 2018 season.

Germany took over the Miami Dolphins outside Infante – Parker (DeVante Parker) chose A. Thomas expressed dissatisfaction with this. “For you, yes,” responded Thomas Parker said. “To enhance the next data. Then you can speak, I am far more than you, and you time in the league longer than I, first-round pick.”

Davis Career spent 2 years in Cleveland, he was selected in the 1956 draw, but he took a 2-year military service in 1958. Subsequently he was traded to the Green Bay in 1960, became an important player in Vince Lombardi.

Despite the hug and Wholesale Jerseys murder in his age, Davis caused a huge threat to the opponent offensive group. He was selected for 5 consecutive years in 1963 to 1967. In the 10 seasons for the cost of packaging, he also selected the best lineup for a while, helping the team to win the NFL champion 5 times, win the super bowl of championship twice.

Famous Hall of Defense Didway Wili – Davis died at the age of 85Professional football Hall of Famous Hall announced that the Hall of the Hall of the Hall Willie Davis died on Wednesday, and the year was 85 years old.

Perhaps because now the players can not train the team so that they can have a lot of time spent on social media. But for the two men have the ambition, it is clear that no one can serve soft, even though this is a totally accidental and meaningless battle.

“In this line, there is little to sign the renewal contract so early,” Jon Robinson, Titan, said. “But Julier is a unique player. He was selected here in the election. It has renewed it with the team. It has been a prominent contribution to the community and seals many times. We are very happy he can It is Titan for many years. “

Thomas is considered one of the league’s top wide receiver. Parker only played in last season’s breakthrough performance, made his first catch a number of broken one thousand yards last season, which earned him a four-year $ 40 million contract extension. He was truly progress, but some late bloomer.

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