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On the game, Davis passed the ball 49 times, but did not appear a copy. Hubble gave this high evaluation: “He often conducts long-term trial, it seems that you can complete high-quality passes. We need to be prepared in this regard this week.” Davi Si Dai in the 2012 season, until this season has the opportunity to join the alliance. The original main force of the ram is Sam Bradford and SAM BRAUN HILL has been injured, and the new door opened to this three-point guard. Hubble also said: “I should pay more attention to him when I did this.”

49 people coach praised the wedding sheep: I am his fans

St. Louis Ram 4 points Austin Davis now has a new fans now: San Francisco 49 people coach Jim Harbaugh (Jim Harbaugh). Last week, in the game with Philadelphia Eagle, Davis had successfully successfully successfully successfully successfully passed 375 yards and dokuwiki.Art-sales.ru 3 times. And this week, the ram and 49 people will stage a partition civil war in Monday Night.

Giants win Super Bowl hero to fight to stay in the team places

New York Giants will challenge local time in six Indianapolis Colts on the road this week, on the patch of the venue – Mario Manningham (Mario Manningham) who completed a career of one of the greatest ball & mdash; & mdash; his difficult catch for the giants to win the 46th Super Bowl champion to help.

Currently, this value of approximately $ 4.5 million is a privileged player label to satisfy both parties. For a lot of Tak, the crow retains one of the best players in the league. At the fifth season of the fifth season, the 29-year-old group of additional shot was completed every time and he was 60 yards in the 7th ever-gates.

In this year, Herler Murray announced that the broker Eric Burkhart (Erik Burkhardt) announced that Murray has signed a customer. Ingenious, Berkhart also is also a broker of Kliff Kingsbury, a new coach. Jinsale has previously said that if he holds a chamfer sign, then Murray will be his selection player, and the sagny has also held a custom Yuan Sign & hellip; & hellip; then they will not choose Murray, The transaction walked last year’s Ten Xiuzh Ron (Josh Rosen)?

Budeville also said that the sagason selection Murray will be a meeting in the future. But he emphasized that the team hopes that Jinsale will focus on helping Rosen’s improvement and improve the performance of the rookie season.

Peterson was only played in 3 games due to injuries last season. The 32-year-old Pitters in a short appearance time is poor in the bad offensive front line. He was scored 37 times, and the average was only 1.9 yards per shock.

The Sambi will find opportunities in other teams. Hunter still has excellent exercise. But the key is that he will transform a poor and unstable manifestation into performance in manufacturing a weekly game.

When the appearance of the appearance, Hungt was completed 3 times when he was completed, and He Hunter was completed by 27 yards. This is obviously not enough to let a player who has completed 50 games in the past two seasons. Hunt’s performance is not enough to force the team. On the contrary, the team is impressed by Tajae Sharpe and the old Rishard Matthews for five-wheeled show.

Talking about Davis, Hubble: “He is now full of confidence now. The game with the eagle proved that he became better every week, we all look in the eyes. I feel this week and his hand Excited. “Last week, the ram was lasts behind 7-34, followed by Davis team up, and finally only reported only 28-34. Hubble also said that he looked at that game: “The game Mars splashed. The four points of the ball, the offensive group completed the attack, this is great. At the end of the attack, they have the opportunity to reverse the game. In my opinion The ram is more like a winner, and Davis’s pass is crucial. He made the right choice to bring a winning hope to the team. “

Sharing the starting time in Saints and other players may be able to continue Peterson’s career and helped him maintain vitality in the second half of the season. However, there is no doubt that he will want to get a lot of flush chances in the first week of competition and hit old House.

Piteson expressed “obvious” he and the Viking people need to be born. He also said that Viking believes that the rookie runs, Dalvin Cook, is not unpleasant when he is more comprehensive than him more suitable for the team offensive group.

“In my opinion, our season will start at Minnesota,” Peterson said he refers to the 52nd super bowl hoping to participate in Minnesota. “Of course, I want to teach them. I want to teach every team we face. But back to Minnesota faces Viking people? Yes, I want to teach them.”

In the Nursa General Manager Ozzie Newsome, the nfl jerseys was lectured by the NFL body measurement, the decision was not accidentally accidentally accidentally accident, and the Newsem said: “We have some discussion, But if we can’t sign a new contract, we will play a privileged player label to Justimin. Even if we give him a label, we will continue to consult with a new contract. “

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