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Josh-McCane daughter led friends to put on jersey to support fatherCleveland’s career of Josh McCown has been turned into a team. In his jungle day, his baby daughter specified 6 friends, her father’s jersey, and filmed a handsome photo.

The same is the leader in the tide of the Alliance “Double Vegetable”, Galley Hunter entered the alliance earlier, and also received more praise. Last season, Galley was considered to be able to impose the title of the regular match MVP with an running guard; while the season, Galley and the ram were unstoppable to seize the highest ranking and the most concern.

Washington can be said to be the ground of Flalles career. In the 2019 season, Washington made him from the disappearance, and Flals’ performance has also greatly improved. Last year, the dolphins were signed with him for a 3 million US dollar contract.

After sending Flalles, the dolphins deliberately made 2020 Two Robert Hunt from the start of the right truncation, and signed a new right from the free market. This also means that the four major signs of the Dolphins 2020 snaps will eventually go to him: Line Van Noy returns to the Patriot, Shaq Lawson Signed with Texas, run Jordan Howard will take advantage of the eagle.

Although it is a big star on the football court, the Galley high school wants to give up the rugby attack basketball. The reason why he gives him is also very personal: “I am playing rugby in my life. I want to change the taste in high school.”

Dolphins will start the left of the left … Flals trade to WashingtonUS time on Tuesday, according to ESPN reporters, dolphins will transaction the start of the Left Flowers to the Washington football team, and the two sides will also exchange the rear wheel.

Sandho started the team’s first security at the beginning of the 2018 season, but he was injured in the groin and eventually placed in the injury reserves after 5 games. After the 8 seasons for Viking, Sandho finally left the team.

McCane daughter is definitely his number one fan. However, his photo posted on the tweet seems to have two jerseys, a red rickets for a black panther. I hope that they have retained the jersey and let Maijun sign.

Viking is in order to save salary space prior to the opening of the free player market. They were only $ 4.37 million in their salary, and this decision would save $ 5.5 million in space, which is not the only thing they have done today, and they also cut off their first. Mike Remmers.

Cheap Nfl Jerseys official website reporter Ian Rapoport reported that the Minnesota Viking will not perform the contract options for the first security Wei Andrewro-Sandho (Andrew Sendejo), which will make him a free player.

Manzell said that there is a more excellent play of Skytrand in New East Montreal: “I am very confident on my ability to bring to the team. Rugby is a team movement, in order to win in the game, everyone has to participate. I come in. I am looking forward to the future direction. “

Cowbur’s head coach Jason Garrett has pointed out that Romo’s game is expected, but it is not guaranteed because his back injury is an uncertain factor. “We are trying to make Romo and every player is ready. We didn’t use the word” cautious “because we really hope that he is ready to be in the first game of 49 people in San Francisco.”

Manzell’s self-confidence will perform better performance in the Yunque teamBeijing July 24th, Johnny Manzie, has not yet played a regular season in Canadian Professional Rugby League (hereinafter referred to as CFL), but he has tasted the taste of trading. However, this will only make him more feat.

When I was rest, Romo said he felt a very well preparation start season, not like this time last year. “I feel that I have already received a full rest and time, compared to last year, I have a break in the whole sniper, and now I feel a part of the team.” I used to have a while, Romo felt that she may not be able to be from surgery Reply, but last week’s preseason, many people and Romo believe that he can move in the pocket, even complete the ball.

Romo said: “I don’t think there is anything is critical. I feel that I am getting more and more healthy and try to do something. I just do what I can do. Maybe there will be one day I finished, if I If you don’t do it, then you will happen anything. “But Romo also said that there is no matter to prove his health and game status. He did what he could do, and he went to cooperate with the offensive group.

Romo has prepared for the game.A few days ago, Dallas Deni Tony Romo said that only the team needs him, he can play a whole regular season. After the surgery in the last week, he participated in the competition after the time, and completed the 14th attack. Romo said: “It is obvious that I will have something different after surgery, but the completion of the game is no problem. If I think I can’t play a complete match, then I will not know if I can complete the preseason. Every attack, and this is a football! “Romo is likely to participate in this week’s game, but his game time is still an unknown. I said to this: “I don’t think there is a hundred percent of each game. We will discuss the game and make a game arrangement, and finally make a plan, and I will go to execute it.”

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