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Jason Pierre Paul recalls fireworks accidentsOld will defensive Dide-Paul Jason – Jason Pierre-Paul celebrates Independence Day, he uses his personal experience to remind people to pay attention to safety.

At the remote conference conducted on Thursday, Wright was asked with the use of a letter to select Wenston, and he said: “We are still very respectful Jie Miss, if the development direction is different, he will still be a team blueprint. I think he has made a lot of achievements. Others in the club will say this. He made a lot of contributions to us. I never think he is a patron, I believe he still has a bright future. “

Although the strong defensive front line of Texas is enough to make up for the absence of Kutin, they have to pay attention to JJ-Watt (J. J. Watt) dislocated fingers in the game. DYLAN COLE will play in the game in the game, he may fill the position of Kutin in the next game.

Since the first round of the 2009 election, Kubin has been effective for Texas for 8 years. In 2013, he signed a contract with Texas 6 years of renewal contracts, which will allow him to stay in Texas in 2019. Kuxin, who was selected in 2009, was got 65 hugs in 13 games last season. He has encountered the brain in the first battle this season, and it has been determined that it is impossible to play on Thursday night.

Cowboy with the first round of Show Fander AshUS Time Friday, according to NFL NetWork reporter Ian Rapoport and the team officially reported, cowboy has completed the contract with the new showline Wei Ran-Vander Ash (Leighton Vander Esch).

Wright said: “We eventually have a chance to sign Braddy. He is really a very good player, we are all excited. But I also believe that Jemiens will continue to advance, get new opportunities, he will not sell this.”

Pirates General Manager: Jamis Winston is not parallelThe former pirates were still unemployed, and the epidemic resulted in physical examination. However, Jason Lich, General Manager of Pirates, believes that this quadrant has still a bright future.

Pierll Paul wrote in the comic art: “After the accident, I still feel very lucky, I am grateful to the day. These photos look fearful, it is not true. Life will change a lot in an instant. Celebration Independence Day One of the traditions is to discharge fireworks, but there is always someone therefore hurt. & Hellip; & hellip; don’t have to feel regret to me, no finger can live very well, lol. But please pay attention to safety, I am the former car. “

The other free market’s heavyweight running guards Kansas chieftain Jamal Charles does not have much price requirements during the draft. For 30-year-old running guards, the road to the professional stadium is not easy, Pitters is no exception. Maybe he still thinks that he is the top running guard of the league, but most teams believe that you can find better alternatives in the draft and free market. Even Peterson once expressed interesting teams now say that they need to wait for it.

During the university, Fan Desia’s three contributions were outstanding, and the physical measurement camp was excellent. Cowboy even treats him as Brian Urlacher 2.0. At the last season, cheap Jerseys he completed 141 hugs, 4 killed, and forcing the ball and 2 copies.

News: Adrian Peterson requires too highAdrian Peterson clearly knows that you can’t get 14 million dollars in the next season, then this 31-year-old old will run whether you think you are still the highest value of the league. Woolen cloth?

McCarren heard all the processes from the broker. At the press conference on Wednesday, he said his mentality as if they were sitting in the mountain trolley, but also expressing the willingness to the boss Mike Brown. Thank you for giving yourself to other places.

“I am not angry, I am not disappointed, I feel very good,” McCarlen said, “I have said privately with Brown, I am very grateful he is willing to give me the opportunity to go to other places. He is a Dear boss. “

Tiger quartz Wei Mai Karen said that it is very good. Before the transaction is as close, many teams have completed the transaction. However, the tiger will replace the quarter-off A.j. McCarlen (A.J. McCarron) sent to Cleveland attempt, but BRIC is not able to submit transaction requests to the Alliance in time.

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