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“I think this will give them more opportunities,” Allen said in an interview. “They played the best performance last season. Everyone is talking about Steve Dig, and I feel that John is a thousand code. The opponent is very difficult People stare at him in the defense. And Cole is on the inside, if you defense him with a slot angle, he is hard to defend in people’s defense. I thank Brandon Beane to introduce These people work with me. Now I am going to play on the court, let the plan become a reality. “

Cowboy Training Camp: Bryant Punching Second LevelDez Bryant said in the US Time Favorites 5 years of 70 million US dollarship contracts not change their attitude, while he did prove this: a left hook boxing.

Let Allen and the starters will help him have the opportunity to compete in the first quarter-off position in the training camp in next month. In all rookie quartz, Allen is the most likely to be the first in the new season.

Thomas said he hoped that he would signed a commemorative contract with the Hawks after deciding to retire and retired as the Hawks player. “I hope that I can be retired as a Hawk player,” Thomas said. “I will never cut off the contact with the harmoner. You know, I still love my Haiying teammates. I am sure to sign a one-day contract and hope they can hang my jersey on the court. “

Bill quartz Wei Allen: External hand Brown and Bisley get more opportunitiesWhen Buffalorbier transactions get external handston Digs, most people believe that most of the balls in the new season Bill will pass to Diges.

Unless the Bill plans to play more to pass the attack, Digs’s arrival may result in a reduction in John Brown and Cole Beasley. The two completed 139 battles in the last season. However, Minecraftathome explains the quarter-saving situation is not the case.

Finally Bryant and Taylor hugs each other after training. After the interview with Brines highly praised each other. Taylor also said: “We are family, this is a training camp, we should love each other.”

Thomas is selected 3 times in the 9 seasons for the Hawks, and the occupational bowl is selected 6 times. He is a key member of the famous “Bang Mission”. His excellent performance helped the Hawks won the 48th Super Bowl champion.

Tiger believes in Andre – Smith will become an excellent strikerBeijing June 23, the Tiger, this offense, lost two starting offensive front line members during the free market, so they need to find new left dispensers and right dust.

Two people arrived at the side of the argument, and then Bryant came to the mouth of Taylor’s mouth. In the following confrontation, Taylor directly waved toward Bryant’s helmet, and the two were separated by Tony Romo and the head coach Jason Garrett. The fans on the scene kept to the snoring.

Jones said: “Today’s referee seems to redefine how to do block, as well as some other things, this has an impact on both sides. We will not change our play and techniques of us because of today’s penalty. I think this is very I ridicily. “” The whole game, the cowboy is blown by 9 different fouls, including 6 violations, and 3 lanterns.

Mackenzy Bernadeu (Mackenzy Bernade) played by Ronald Leary was penalized for 3 fouls; only a foul on the last season had a foul Zack Martin was blown. Penalty 2 times; the offensive front line is at least once, and the whole stroke is penalized 10 fouls. Jones said: “I repeat again, I think we need to confirm what is to pull people, not to correct the player, but the alliance forced us. Today, is the number of fouls have created a league record?”

“I think Andre has an opportunity to become an excellent strike,” Alexander said, “he will learn from the most basic technology this year, and then gradually understand the attack. If we choose him before the season, he will change right. Motion, it will definitely not. But now have these preparation time, I think there is no problem. “

Smith said he found that the sharp rhythm is relatively faster in the pair training with the defensive cutoff, Geno Atkins. Attack front line coach Paul Alexander considered that Smith’s transformation was very successful.

Jerry Jones expressed dissatisfaction with the judgment of the refereeDallas Cowboys were punished by 18 fouls in this week, and this figure also broke the number of fouls for fouls in the team. Of course, this is not an active record. Although cowboy eventually wins the festival of the festival of 20-10, Jerry Jones remains dissatisfied with the judgment of the referee.

One of their choices is Andre Smith, but he is not responsible for the replacement of Andrew Whitworth. Although he was originally a trip to the right, he arrived as a right average in Kaikhen-Qitler kevin Zeitler.

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