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“I have to make sure I understand the attack, fully understand,” Griffin said. “The offensive group will look great. I think we will use our performance to make some people shocked. If we need to drive the ball 60 times, we can do it. If we need to pass 30 to 40 times, we can do it. To this point. I think this is the direction we are working hard to make sure we have the ability to do these things. “

4 wins and 7-losing Detroit lions, finally rebounded in a bad opening, recently won one wave of three consecutive wins. Main four-point guards Matthew & Middot; Stavad finally woke up. In the Thanksgiving World War last week, he cut 337 yards and 5 times. Also activated, there is “Wei Zhentian” Calvin & Middot; Johnson, the outer number of the tops once the league has also played a good job, and the last two-line defense is facing the eagle power, and 93 yards and 3 times. This game faces the same defensive back to the green bay, I don’t know what kind of data that “Wei Zhentian” can win. This season’s Lion is in the fifth round of the Wi-Naval & Middot; Burton has grown into the second powerful full guild, although the pavement of the lion this season is relatively weak, but Burton’s play is a full point . Also played excellent defending ends of Izyl & middot; Ansa, although the lions lost Endam holes & middot; Su, Ansa’s play is very stable, 11 games have been taken The 11.5 times, this data is only in JJ Watt in the alliance. If the lion can continue to win the performance of the game, then the home court will not be surprised.

Thirteenth Week TNF Preview: Package Work @ 狮On the thirteenth week, I went back to Guoxiwei. Green Bay packaging will take away the Detroit Lion. The two teams last met this season, and the lions were defeated by the Blue Fort Stadium to defeat the package, ending the opponent’s winning record of the lions at home for 23 years. This game, the packaging campus will fight the lion, swear to the horse, and raise the top of the country.

“Maybe they want yourself,” Fluke said when he left the Hawk. “Maybe they want different types of players. I can’t endorse them. But I can come here, show me people and as a player. I will be my own. I promise that you will like to watch me.”

The Pittsburgh steel man who was preparing for the US Federation was unfortunately encountered, but the head of Mike Tomlin believes in the weekend, he said: “I am fortunate that I am far away from the flu, we I won’t apologize for this, because these players will return here, they will be prepared, this is just some common parts in the season. “

Quartz, RG3: Crow offensive will make some people surprisedOn June 30th, Lamar Jackson became the first quarter-off the Baltimore Crowd for this year’s break, but Jackson is not the only player who is learning how to lead the offensive group.

After the 7 wins and 4 losses, after playing the game, the results were a thousand feet, and 4 games were lost in nearly 5 games. Although Alon & Middot; Rogers still exhibits excellent, but due to the large area of ​​injuries in the offensive group, the attack is extremely weak. Last season, excellent main running guarded Eddi & Middot; Leisbai season was not good because of injury performance, as of the last three times, although nearly two performances were rebounded, but in order to help the package workers to fight for partition heads The location of the name still needs greater efforts. Old will take over James & Middot; Jones became a microcosm of the packaging industry, as long as he expressed his good game, Green Bay won the final victory, and he won the 7 time, he is also green. The most effective ball goal. Attacking group weakness, but the packaging worker defensive group made a lot of colored, sitting on the top ten defensive second line of the league, this year’s Xiujiao Wei Demus & middot; Landao also played quite good, very hopeful for this year Best defensive new show.

Crow New Aid Fluke: I hope to do the successor of the famous guardry Yangda.Bal’s Mosa Crow offensive group talents, but this year’s break is the biggest problem in how to replace the retired professional bowls. Marshal Yanda.

Griffin said that “the competition is important is the advantage of manufacturing”, and the crow hopes to create these advantages through the creation of the offensive group that can accommodate the attack through the squash or the transfer.

Governor of New Jersey: The player does not need to isolate before the training camp US time, New Jersey, Governor Murphy, said that the players who rushed to the state did not need to isolate before the training camp.

Murphic also said that whether the fans are allowed to watch the game to see the game to decide together with the State Government. At present, NFL and players will have decided that the fans are not allowed to visit my webpage the training camp, but under the premise of follow guidelines, the team can host the most fans participating during the season.

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