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In the end, Jefferson broke a record at a 14-yard bourment completed at the third section of the game. He completed 9 shots in this game, and the total ball was 1400 yards in the rookie season. This game is also his seventh time in the seventh day.

Before this game, Jefferson also needs 111 yards to catch the 1377-yard record that Aquan Boldin in the 2003 season. In addition, there is also the 1998 season of Randy Moss (1313 yards) and Odell Beckham (1305 yards) in the 2014 season.

Lak This season’s regular season was 616 times completed 380 times (61.7% success rate), and the 4761 yards were 40 times to 16 times. However, in the United States of America in the United States of the Patriots, he has poor performance, 33 passes only success 12 times (36.4% success rate), the 126 yards are not reached, and there are 2 passes to be copied.

Online Guard C.J. Mosley (C.J. MOSLEY) Selects to exit the new season and safe Wei Jiamal-Adams after being traded, the jet loses the best two defensive players in the team. The team offensive front line may be upgraded, but there is still a big improvement in the outer junction.

This price level and the lion are not too much. Currently Cowbi New Trident: Quad Bowl Prescott, Ezekiel Elliott, Extreme Amari – Cooper (Amari Cooper) has not talked again, but the three have gained the price of “generous”.

General Manager of Jet: Forecast of the forecast of the team in the forecast of the team makes many people angerMost of the New York Jet 2020 season’s predictions put them in the Eastern Eastern part or at least the trend of sliding bottom.

Xiao Ma boss talks about the Lak new contract: I don’t care now.Before the Indianapolis horses and the new England Patriots, ESPN reporters reported that the Pony plans to provide a large number of Andrew Lucks. contract.

One of the reasons why Brown performance in the last season is that the outer hand is born, Odell Beckham Jr. is injured. Today, Beckham said that he is ready to play a career in the new season after it has been used for rehabilitation.

Based on his report, this new contract will let Rack becoming the highest raders in the alliance, with an average annual salary of $ 25 million. But the team owner Jim Irsay is not willing to talk about contract issues after the team 7-45 is negotiated after the patriot. “I won’t discuss Andrew’s contract,” Illis said to ESPN. “This is really not my most concerned. He just ended his third season. His rookie contract is 5 years, so I said that I will no longer consider it now.”

Rak until the Alliance entered the new contract on March 10, so there was a big time to increase this incident to his head. Although this is said that during Pedon Manning, Pony is until his contract expires with him to negotiate a new contract. So I have to hear the talents and the cornerstone of the team’s cornerstone may still have more time. Lak will enter the fourth year of the 5-year rookie contract in the 2015 season. This year, the team will choose whether to implement his team option contract in 2016.

Cowboy 4-point Batho Prescott seeks an annual salary of 40 million US dollarsAt least in the recent contract negotiations in August 13, at least it is unquestionable: Dak Prescott wants to be the highest salary of the alliance.

Considering the timing and diagnosis of this accident and the diagnosis of the diagnostic, Lobport reported that the Giants considered a long-term contract not in accordance with the best interests of the negotiations.

But the decision of the giant does not change the status quo, Pierll Paul’s privileged label player will not agree to this contract before the deadline. Pierre, Piero, who is 26, will be a privileged label contract worth $ 14.8 million in the 2015 season. He has not yet signed this contract.

According to NFL NetWork reporter Jane Slater, the contract is about to enter the last year, Prescot, who is negotiating with the club, has recently rejected an annual salary of 30 million US dollars, looking for a price of $ 40 million in annual salary.

Saturday night attempt to discharge fireworks when Pierl Paul was injured. He needs hospitalization. According to the Pottport news, like Sunday diagnosis, Pierre Paul’s hand will remain complete, and the doctors are still inspecting nerve injury and other damage related to the accident.

“Now, I am trying to do the restart key,” Baker Ham said in the video released by himself. “Can treat all parts of the body & mdash; & mdash; shoulders, arms, back & mdash; & mdash; let everything home, let all function is normal, I can move it properly to start training, prepare for the new season.”

Giant withdraws the new contract offer for Pierll PaulNFL official website reporter Ian Rapople quoted three insider news reports, in New York Giant Star Passing Shock, Jason Pierre-Paul, due to fireworks injury After the team has withdrawn a new contract offer worth $ 60 million.

Last season, Beckham played all 16 games, but the number of balls exceeded 1000 yards, and Wholesale Jerseys only 4 times reached. Although he still dedicated the performance of the selection of the selection, it seems that he is more attractive to the quarrel with the coaching group in the field.

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