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Matt – Patrimia will return to the new England Patriot Coach GroupUS time on Friday, according to ESPN reporters, in November of November, Matt Patricia will return to the front of the new England Patriot.

Marshall did not cover his disappointment for Henney. In the two seasons of his cooperation with Henry, the dolphins only achieved 7 wins and 9 losses and 6 wins and 10 losses. In the 2012 holiday, Dolphin General Manager Jeff – Ireland is quite cheap jerseys to give Marshall deal to the bear team.

In the 2012-2017 season, Patrimia served as a patriot defensive coordinator, and the team won two super bowls. After he got off the team, Belipk did not let other people serve as this position, but last season, Belipk made their son to defensive tactical arrangements.

New Orleans Saint Coach Shan Payton announced that the running guard accepted the surgery in Sunday to treat osteoponics. Robinson defeated the team’s 52-49 game, the second section of the New York Giants were injured. “His season is over,” Pedon said.

Spitle may get more appearance time, but the saints have been very careful about him after the injury. Spiel This season has an average of 16.7 files per game and has never been played in the 7th game in 7 games.

This year, it was considered to be different, because the offensive group continued to have a good lineup and the defensive front line had many talents. But the dolphins are currently at the Eastern Union, they have no direction in the offensive group and the defensive group. Even in the first week of dolphins, their offensive groups cannot be advanced forward, and their propulsion code is less than the opponent Washington red skin.

Marshall said: “Our team is a four-point guard, the team’s defense is quite strong, but the offensive is disappointing. Honestly, there are a lot of talented young people in the event, if there is a good The quarter-shifting is kneaded together, and it is absolutely able to achieve a big thing. Unfortunately, we didn’t touch the person. “

Marshal is still complaining about the front teammatesThis week, the Chicago Bear Team will take over the Arctic dolphin, the star of the bear, and the Brandon Marshall will be gathered with the former east. Talking about the time in Miami, there is still a lot of complaints and dissatisfaction in Marshall, when I accept an interview, I talked about him and the front teammate —– time Dolphin starting quarter The experience of CHAD HENNE.

When I talked about the transaction of the year, Marshal said: “I am very surprised at the time, but Jeff told me that my home is a bear team, I am very happy. I think this transaction is for me and my family. Best. After all, life is my dream in Chicago. “

Detroit Lion Interested Delicious Total Corner Dalse – ShereAccording to informed people, the Detroit Lion has negotiated with a number of teams to negotiate Darius Slay, but the lions insisted on the prices not will not be willing.

Sear has been publicly expressed in social media to say that he wants a new contract, and recently asked his idea to the contract price, he said in the twenty average annual average of 15 million to $ 16 million dollars too low.

Sher is the best defensive player in the lion, and it has entered a career bowl for 3 consecutive years. But when the transaction last season, there was a lion to trade his rumors. At that time, the lion traded Safety and San Die Die Die Die Die Die Die-Digdre Diggs, Sigh is frustrated and said that he knows that “no one is safe.”

Holding a lion in the show this year’s draft exploration, you may choose Ohio State University Corner Warfare Jeff Okudah. But the lions have been looking for a reliable second corner. If they decide to trade Sresearch, they need to fill two vacancy locations.

Miami Dolphins announced in Monday that they have already solved the employer Joe-Philbin (Joe Philbin). During the dolphins, the Dolphin was 24 wins and 28th, and he did not enter the playoffs. At the end of the season, he still survived.

According to reports, the Dolphin Players treat Philin does not treat the respect of the coach. He is very bad with the player. Many puzzles are encountered in the Most of the Turban Time for nearly four years. The 2013 season was destroyed by “bullying door”. In the past two seasons, dolphins were collapsed at the stage of competition in the December.

Considering the high expectation value for dolphins before the season, they have a bad record this season, but it may be the way the dolphins will make the Philbin lost the handsome. Dolphins on the week, the game, Buffalo, Buffalo, is the worst event of the team’s worst, in the London, they have no power to the New York jet. 27-14 score mislead people, the whole game in addition to relying fouled outside the dolphins can not promote, defend nothing up front for the fourth consecutive game performance.

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