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Last season Allen also because some defensive performance was deserted, it looked at him is a player who is constant. When things go well, he can rely on his performance to give him a long. When the matter starts, he will collapse. Unfortunately, there is no matter what the crime, no matter who is no longer a defensive group, no matter who blames, this is too common.

Steelman and External Antonio – Brown Restructuring Contract

According to NFL NetWork reporters, Ian Rapoport reported that steel people and External Antonio-Brown Contracts were reorganized, and 9.7 million dollars salary.

The wild horse boss is not very satisfying with the team.

US Time Friday, in the celebration held by Rad Miller and professional football Hall of Miller Davis, Mustle Davis, Wild Horse Board John John Elway expressed dissatisfaction with the team.

In the game of the lions last Sunday, Brown completed four times, but he was absent from all training because of the recurrence of the four muscle injuries, and the official confirmation will absence the game on Friday.

But this does not mean that the steel man makes the Brown salary to keep other people. Although the basic salary is reduced, Brown can still get this money by signing the bonus. This does not mean that the steel man is trying to spare space and the Le & Rsquo; Veon Bell. Bell’s current exclusive label contract will bring him 145.54 million US dollars in the 2018 season, and after the Brown recombination contract, the steel man barely has space to Bell so much money.

This change does not have to read the people of Allen this year. His zone was hit by the opponent ruthlessly, and the opponent got 2 large-size attacks in the game for the game against the BLEV Lan Brown. PRO Football Focus put Allen’s last one of this year. “Sometimes, there will always be volts in the game. I am very confident that he can overcome all this and become a very powerful player,” Leb said.

Alvi said: “Honestly, our ball is soft, the preseason is winning, starting 3-1. In this case, the court is surrounded by thousands of feet? That can have a big trouble, you are welcome. We are now this situation, and it is difficult to rebound. This is a good lesson for us, I hope that this will not happen again. “

Pittsburgh steel man’s first corner guard is depelled

After signing with Pittsburgh, only a 5-year $ 26 million contract was only a few months, and Cortez Allen was no longer the first. Team Defensive Coordinator Dick LeBeau confirmed the introduction of free players in Brace McCain, will replace Allen to face Houston Texas.

The red scitch takes out John – Brown this week will be absent.

When John Brown, John Brown missed the four-headed muscular insemble, Bruce Aria, Cheap Jerseys said that if Brown could not return to a good condition, the team will find another way.

Goodel talked about “ventilation”, saying that the competition is most important

Nfl President Roger GuDel has never publicly exposed Since the last month of Tom Brady’s banned hearing. Local time this Friday, Gudel attended the press conference on the Famous Temple, talked about his views on “ventilation”.

“Who will lose the ball in the league, but the way to lose the ball is a thousand, my most heartless problem is that this game is not competitive. We are not competitive, you have to overcome difficulties.” Aier Dimension

For Breddy’s ban, Goodel doesn’t want to talk more, indicating that everything is handed over to legal proceedings. He said: “First, Braddy is a great athlete and an outstanding young person. Second, we have just announced his penalty last week, and now we are still in the proceedings, we must prove that we are indeed according to rules and regulations. What is made. We discussed this penalty for a long time, and the final decision is also made based on the content of the labor negotiation agreement. “

After four years of substitution, Dunba became a full-time starting member for the first time last year. He did not let the team disappointed, and 4 cases were completed in 11 games. At least 100 defensive angular guards, professional football focus websites will take him in a comprehensive defense second.

Goodel said: “The fairness and integrity in the game is the most important. This is also our efforts to maintain, the rules are equal to everyone. My job is to let go to players and coaches, down to our Fans and partners understand that this movement must be carried out under rules and regulations, which is part of our values. “

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